CML is an unstable disease which ultimately progresses to a terminal stage which resembles acute leukemia. Use A therapeutic agent that inhibits cytokine gene expression, inhibits adhesion molecule expression, and mimics the anti-inflammatory. Delivery of ribozymes by expression vectors is primarily feasible using only ex vivo treatments. To that end the t-butyldimethylsily group has been efficacious Usman,N. Immunocompromised patients are severely affected and RSV infection is a major complication for patients undergoing bone marrow transplantation.

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Fisher Synthesis Grade acetonitrile was cnrr directly from the reagent 10 bottle. To make internally-labeled substrate RNA for traps-ribozyme cleavage reactions, a nt region containing hairpin site A was synthesized by PCR using primers that place the T7 RNA promoter upstream of the amplified sequence. Thus, ribozymes of the present invention that cleave rel A mRNA and thereby NF-xB activity have many potential therapeutic uses, and there are reasonable modes of delivering the ribozymes in a number of the possible indications.

The cellular infiltrate of psoriasis includes T-lymphocytes, neutrophils, macrophages, and dermal dendrocytes. Applicant has determined that using 0. However, eosinophils from asthmatic patients had greater leukotriene C4 producing capacity and migration capacity. Thus, ribozymes that cleave mRNA encoded by rel A or TNF-a may represent novel therapeutics for the treatment 53g.drriver inflammatory and autoimmune disorders.

All ribozymes are modified extensively to enhance stability by modification with nuclease resistant groups, for example, 2′-amino, 2′-C-allyl, 2′-flouro, 2′-O-methyl, 2’H for a review see Usman and Cedergren, TIBS 17, Immunocompromised patients are severely affected and RSV infection is a major complication for patients undergoing bone marrow transplantation.


The process may further comprise: These ribozymes are synthesized with modifications that improve their nuclease resistance. More preferably it is a lower alkenyl of from 1 to fib 7 carbons, more preferably 1 to 4 carbons.

M, markers; lane 1, cwam CEM. The DNA, DNAlvehicle complexes, or the recombinant virus particles are locally administered to the site of treatment, e.

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For instance, the appropriate adenovirus vector can be administered by direct injection into the synovium: The ribozymes were diluted to 2X final concentration, mixed with an equal volume of llnM lipofectamine Life Technologies, Gaithersburg, MD.

Nomenclature is same as in Figs. The simple structure of these molecules increases the ability of the enzymatic 53g.driveer acid wca, invade targeted regions of the mRNA structrure.

Ribozyme therapy, due to its exquisite specificity, is particularly well-suited to target intracellular factors that contribute to disease pathology. This protecting group is stable to base and alt but the harshest acidic conditions.

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One of the common clinical manifestations of atopy is eosinophilia accumulation of abnormally high levels of eosinophils in.

Using 5-S-alkyltetrazole at a delivered or effective concentration of 0. In a preferred embodiment, the conditions are dibutyltin oxide, tetrabutylammonium fluoride and SEM-CI.

In addition to these tissue culture models, the flaky skin mouse develops psoriatic skin in response to UV light. The sequences of the chemically synthesized ribozymes useful in this 30 study are shown in Tables 24, 26 – The following exemplifies the procedure.


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NF-xB is required for the induction of adhesion molecules Eck et al. The connecting loop can also be replaced with a non-nucleotide linker molecule. Either molecule may be recovered using this reverse-phase method, and then, once detritylated, the two fractions may be pooled and then submitted to an anion exchange purification step as described above.

These diseases and the studies that support a critical role for ICAM-1 in their pathology are listed below. The cwam second 53g.diver may be any desired type of ribozyme, such as a hammerhead, hairpinhepatitis delta virus HDV or other catalytic center, and can include group 1 and group Wca, introns, as discussed above. The ability of the ribozymes to inhibit TNF-a secretion and lethal shock caused by systemic LPS administration are assessed.

When 2′-deoxy-2′-amino-nucleoside was reacted with 1. Subscription auto-renews at the end of the term Learn more. Generally, at least 5 bases on each arm are able to bind to, or otherwise interact with, the target RNA. USA 89, ; Jacob, J.

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