The operator can select head individually or can use groups to recall configurations of heads that are used frequently. It is important to understand the distinction – preset faders do not affect the contents of the programmer and therefore can not be used for programming Cues. The last active playback is the last playback to be raised above zero, which is still above zero. When making a head selection you can choose multiple groups using SHIFT and pressing group items or using the keypad. Palettes can be applied with a time by simply typing in a number of seconds before selecting the Palette – this is very useful for quickly setting fade times when recording Cues or for busking in effects. This has the advantage over parts and segments that the groups can split the FX over different numbers of fixtures – e.

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The console remembers all windows that were open when the console was last used. The Default values are the values that are output when a channel is not in the programmer and no playback is controlling a channel.

On Compact consoles some window buttons and cursor buttons are accessed using the ALT button. The offset affects all programmed values. As no two heads are exactly the same, the programming will not create exactly the same looks as with the original heads. First select the heads you are interested in. In spreadsheet style Windows e. Note that if the current selection order is different to the one in the Cue then it will automatically use this as the new order rather than prompting for an order.


It is possible to interchange between the Normal and Simple views of the console by pressing the Norm and Simple buttons in the top right corner of the Application. Whenever a Palette is selected with a time the times are stored in the programmer.

For example, to create a new movement FX, create a position chase by cosegen the pan and tilt values for one or more heads. To force the console to power off completely, press and hold the reset button on the back panel until it 2u off approximately 10 seconds.

It is possible to change the way that FX are added to the base values. It is important to understand the distinction – preset faders do not affect the contents of the programmer and therefore can not be used for programming Cues. Special effects can be easily modified live, enabling, for example, the speed and size of the FX to be modified to match the mood of the show.

The personality for the main channels in the 20i includes the extra channels.

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For dimmers you may wish to configure the gel. Disconnect all MagicQ Wings and Interfaces except the one you are trying to install the driver for. The power cable should be the last connection removed. MagicQ outputs any channels that are active in the programmer at highest priority — i.

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Professionally constructed with 9mm Hexaboard and heavy duty hardware. MagicQ show files are typically only a few megabytes in size so many different shows or versions of a show can be saved without problem. This will include the DMX input data for the selected heads into the programmer.


MagicQ stores a file of all tagged heads in the heads folder called userheads. This option can be hidden for subsequent start ups. A new show will be created using that fixture patched at DMX address 1 on the first Universe. It is not necessary to name intelligent heads according to their product name e.

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FX that play back only one cycle and then stop. You can confirm an action by pressing 1 on the keypad. However, at any time you can set the levels of the intensities of the currently selected heads using the codefen.

Press the S button again to confirm the remove. MagicQ asks for a file name and will save the file in the show folder. Head numbers can also be used for selecting heads and setting intensities directly from the keypad.

This is different to some other consoles which primarily use the keypad for selection of heads. In Normal mode by default the Cue Codgen operates like a chase – i. Applying Palettes with times and fanned times can be applied to all Palette types including Beam and Colour.

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