After that cant detect any wireless network. Thks for the tips boss subkiller. I have updated some of the laptops with its chipset model! Read latest posts or hide this alert. I think its a problem with your slipstream.

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Here’s some tips on searching drivers my way I think your CD is working perfectly fine. This post has been edited by steven ApoKalypse, thanks for your info, agree wiz u, but unfortunately, there is no such option in the bios setup.

Free Download! Latest driver updates for HP Compaq Presario V Notebook – VTU

Now just expand the Display heading for the graphics card information, expand the the Network Adapter heading for your Ethernet card information, and finally expand the Sound, video and game controllers heading at the bottom. Actually i’m having problems with the floppy part earlier and that’s why i find other ways to put the drivers into the disc in the first place. I only made the slipstreaming part which works for me.


End up having blue screen. If its not related question to my guide, v3759th suggest you make a new post on the problem. Your disc might be v3579tu problem or your original disc that you copied to your computer to slipstream might already have errors on it.

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Here v37759tu some drivers i found through searching forums on this issue, it has helped some. Feb 8 Apr 28 What exactly are the problems you are still facing? So you are burning the ISO or using the diskette route? The process should finish in around 10 minutes. Dec 1 Avoid any “D3vil SP3 Edition” or such.

Can i use windows xp driver for windows 7 for Compaq Presario V3759TU?

There are some laptops which their manufacturer haven’t put up the corresponding drivers therefore i would link to a generic driver which should work the same. There is 2 way. xl

Yes Cartman87, you should select burn saved project then select the ISO image, not make data disc. Oct 8 Mar 7 I’m facing the same problem and after some search, found this thread Registry Reviver Windows Registry Optimizer.


I don’t get what you mean? Didnt set the directory properly: This post has been edited by junster: I will try another xp cd later and tell you what is the prob I will try both nlite and slipstream Tried another xp cd but still the same thing.

Dec 10 Added on April 25,7: To do this, try find out the sections which commands the winnt. If you meant Vista, i think vista would have detected your hard drive easily but if comlaq doesn’t, i guess you have to get SATA drivers for vista and load in the setup. I’ve install in a nforce4 desktop running raid.

You put that on your desktop, put in the diskette, then run that file It works in the first place detecting the floppy drive then it failed?

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