Choose the right and left arrows to navigate through the various characters of the name. On the main Concept2 Utility screen, click Update Firmware. Unfortunately I am unable to share the software to create the signal, but give me a day or two to dig out the aforementioned audio file and I will post back. The shipping rates will be on the left column under the shipping address fields. I can even supply a constructed cable but there would be a cost involved. PM5 reset – Insert a pen into the recess at the rear of the PM5 to reset it. I may try to strip it down to something more bare bones tonight to see more clearly what is happening without the layers of PyRow code.

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The interrupt endpoint returns variable-length data. Ground – business days 3-day shipping 2-day shipping Overnight Standard – arrives anytime next business day Overnight Priority – arrives by If you have any problems with your PM4 connection to RowPro, follow the troubleshooting steps below:.

If you have performed the reset and are still encountering problems with the update, please note the PM screen contents error messages, etc. I’ve been playing with a Qt based GUI for my rowing App and have a little Pie chart running that shows the breakdown of the stroke state, this is mainly to encourage my son to let the rower ‘coast’ for a little between strokes as he is a tad frantic in his rowing style.


Reconnect the USB cable. Make sure the PM does not have flat batteries and works appropriately by itself when not connected via USB. If you have tried to update the firmware in your PM more than once and are encountering problems, follow the procedure below to reset the PM.

This is one of the limitations of the current implementation – it can’t uab with when that happens.

Service | Concept2

I too was wondering about a fake tacho signal as it is a pain working next to the rower just so I can keep it moving to test status updates! Our flagship product RowPro is designed exclusively for use with Concept2 Indoor Rowers and is used daily in over 40 countries. Once again, thanks for taking a look.

Shipping charges include brokerage fees, but you will still be responsible for duties and taxes. You will be responsible for UPS brokerage fees, and duties and taxes 2 International Economy – Delivery in business days. After also setting the default timeout to ms and adding the suggested option the cmdline. When Windows is pm33 ready, make sure you can hear system sounds i.

PM reset – Insert a pen or paper clip into the recess at the rear of the PM to reset it. The shipping rates will be on the left column under the shipping address fields. If you have attempted the update multiple times without success, try another USB port. Shipping Internationally We ship worldwide.


For more info please check the instructions in your PM3 user manual. We promise not to share your email.

Connect Concept2 PM

Next do a ‘pinhole reset’ at the back of each PM to ensure it’s ready. About Digital Rowing Digital Rowing makes computer software for indoor rowing. PM5 firmware version – Check which PM5 firmware version you have. To remove items from the shopping cart or change the quantity, you will need to go back to the shopping cart page.

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USB timeouts talking to a Concept 2 rower PM3 monitor – Raspberry Pi Forums

Select all Bus Device Looking forward to seeing what you and Eben can come up with. This is different from what I originally thought – it appears the driver does not take into account variable length data from interrupt endpoints when performing split transactions.

If the USB flash drive you want to initialize is inserted into your computer, remove it before proceeding. Please note that our shipping charges do not include duties and taxes. If the issue persists, try rebooting your computer and attempting the update again.

Digital Rowing makes computer software for indoor rowing.

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