It is also considered an automatic disqualification in professional wrestling matches held in Tennessee , as the move is banned in that state. The two made an agreement in which Lawler would give Griffith free publicity in exchange for free wrestling training, Lawler debuted as a wrestler in and won his first championship in September by winning a battle royal. A cursory glance at Wikipedia says that Takao Omori was the inventer of the move. Clear rules that help give the subreddit a balance of content. The wrestler hooks the opponents arm and flips them over on to the mat, the wrestler may roll on to their side to give the move extra momentum. In this piledriver, a wrestler will bend his opponent forward, placing the opponent’s head between the wrestler’s legs a standing head scissors , and hooks each of the opponent’s arms behind the opponent’s back.

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Lawler later claimed not only was his entire feud with Kaufman staged. I think basically in America the kneel down belly to belly pile driver got over with the Undertaker.

This move begins with the wrestler facing his opponent. In Your House pay-per-view poster.

Yoshihiro Tajiri applying a camel clutch to Rene Bonaparte. The origin of Tombstone Piledriver? Team Canada were a feature on Impact. He had a piledrivef in kendo as well and he joined Fujiwaras Pro Wrestling Fujiwara Gumi but then left the organization to form Pancrase, one of the first mixed martial arts organizations in the world, in with Masakatsu Funaki.

This technique is extremely dangerous, possibly one of the most dangerous maneuvers in professional wrestling, as the opponent’s arms are restrained and their head is not placed between the wrestler’s legs, giving them little to post against. He ammased a winning streak, including an upset win over Pancrases top fighter Ken Shamrock.


The advent of television gave professional wrestling a new outlet, unlike in Europe, show wrestling has become especially prominent in Japan and in North America. Melissa using the Kudo Driver on Wesna during their minute draw. Before the s, these facts were considered trade secrets, in the mids, the presentation of scripted events as legitimate is known as kayfabe.

This variant can be used on other types of piledrivers; including the cradle tombstone piledriver variation, instead of wrapping both of his arms around the waist of the opponent, the wrestler wraps one arm around the waist and places his other arm between the opponent’s legs, grabbing hold of his other arm. Question about Knweling Piledriver self.

The Japanese fighter locked a heel hook, which Ken looked to reverse, Shamrock reached for a rope escape as the Pancrase ruleset stipulated, but he was gravely injured by the hold and couldnt continue, thus losing the match. It was most famously used by Gregory Helms who called the move the Vertebreaker. In AugustBennett began feuding with Ru Starr, trading victories with him, in March, Bennett moved into a feud with Michael Sain, losing to him in two singles match that month, and again in a Stretcher match on April He is considered by many of his peers to be one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, Owen was born on May 7, in Calgary, Alberta into the Hart wrestling family and was the youngest child of Stu and Helen Hart.

The impact jammed Austin’s neck and left him temporarily paralyzed.

Cradle Kneeling Reverse Piledriver | Wrestling Move Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

In this piledriver, a wrestler will bend his crsdle forward, placing the opponent’s head between the wrestler’s legs a standing head scissorsand hooks each of the opponent’s arms behind the opponent’s back. Suzuki trained in amateur wrestling since high school, in inspired by Antonio Inoki and other professional wrestlers.


It is placed above a pile, the weight is raised, which may involve the use of hydraulics, steam, diesel, or manual labour. Submit a new text post.

Cradle reverse piledriver

Having been inactive from in-ring competition since Januaryowing to a December concussion, he retired in October An entire lexicon of slang jargon and euphemism developed to allow performers to communicate without outsiders knowledge of what was being said, occasionally a performer will deviate from the intended sequence of events 2.

Mark left and Jay right at a Ring of Honor show in This move will often see the attacking wrestler hold the move after landing for a rana style pinfall attempt.

Finlay with his on-screen son Hornswoggle. This was apparently the first tombstone piledriver as we know it today.

Piledriver (professional wrestling) – WikiVividly

Bennett made his wrestling debut in From a position in which the opponent is bent forward against the wrestler’s midsection, the attacking wrestler crosses the arms of this opponent between their legs a double pumphandle before then lifting the opponent up into a vertical position and driving them down between the attacking wrestler’s legs. Facing his opponent, the wrestler reaches between their opponent’s legs with their right arm and reaches around the opponent’s neck from the same side with their left arm.

Hart on May 15,eight days before his death. He continued to work live events as Diesel until April. Austin adopted his stepfathers surname and later, legally changed his name to Steven James Williams and he spent most of his childhood in Edna, Texas.

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