I was sent a letter stating my form was too late??? I do use cricket in south jersey, I think their network may be one of the best implemented network around and their covarege is good. I only wish i had the speeds you say you have i am lucky if it is going at 20kps. I live in Pittsburgh PA where recently the download speed jumped without notice from about 1. But not all that enjoyable. I will try your suggestion.

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Cricket EVDO Network Adapter Drivers

Additionally the busy time congestion 5pm — 9pm edt seems to be adpater a negligible issue as of today July 10, I been using Cricket broadband sine they launched it, was happily and satisfy customer until i found my internet speed was breaking down. This was not the case with my desktop so I was able to connect to the internet eventhough I had zero bars.

Ok signal no disconnects. But not all that enjoyable.

They put someone in charge of solving my prob. Not always but frequently. There are a number of readily available packages which extend the functionality of Go without re-inventing the wheel, so you […]. Im still trying to get it working on Windows 7 on the Dell Mini.


SSHD isnt filtered incoming or outgoing if thats the question. My issue is as follows. Did you contact Cricket support, and if so, how was their response? I was told the request was done, but the company does not know the date it was supposedly done. July 16, at 5: Can you give more detail on what you had to do to get this working under Windows 7?

This makes their offerings seem cheaper, even though you pay it in the long run. For the last 2 years this has been my primary internet connection to work and has proven itself to be a great cost to performance value. Over a few WinXP Netbooks.

Do you know if Cricket is doing anything about it? Now they want me to fax their Payment Refund Department and state the problem from the beginning. Cricket took hours to post it should have been done in 24 hours. Morga has provided for Cricket wireless, I am pleased to say that my experiences with this company have been superior to the others.

Wireless Broadband has been an offering of their since If you are expecting a wired connection speed then look elsewhere, but as long as your demands are reasonable, you should be happy with Cricket Wireless Broadband. As long as your bandwidth demands are not exceedingly high, you should be happy with this modem.


Im sure it is. I only wish i had the speeds you say you have i am lucky if it is going at 20kps. Netwoek 16, at 9: The modem lit up beautifuly and the software started up nicely. OR do I need the dual Cable to install it?

[ubuntu] Cricket EVDO slow connections

Ping times varied from 80ms to ms. They do not roam on Sprint or Verizon at all. I am currently using the Windows 7 beta, it did not install correctly automatically — I had to manually install the device drivers using the setup file, and then the modem was installed and found on the next insert. Golang is a new-ish programming language that has really come into its own.

I finally got a refund. Sorry, your question does not make sense. Also, I discovered you do not need to use the applet they provide to log into the Cricket wireless network.

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