I tried using headphones and no sound at all comes from either the headphone jack or the speakers. I’m using one cord. What resolution are you feeding to the TV? Somewhere between Marysville and Tumwater Registered: No it doesn’t show it. I know I used ‘powerstrip’ to try some custom resolutions Apr 11, Posts:

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I am running Windows XP Professional, to specify. Originally posted by Saint: But I’m not sure how they configured things to run a single monitor output at f6400.

It mutes the sound on the laptop. In the control panel for sound, you can choose a different output device, usually.

TV just says no input.

So nobody has any delp on how to unmute analog audio when using HDMI? On the dell link, one person had success with the cable I own.


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I still feel that I should be able to unmute the analog sound. I dispplayport if you’re pointing to the right audio device? Text from dell forum: When I have hooked this computer up to projectors using DVI it has just worked, no problems. Turn the TV off, plug it in, and power it back on? Thu Sep 24, 1: The displayprt digital output is the displayport on my computer. Are you running clone mode or extended desktop?

I looked at drivers, but it seems that they’re up to date. Tue Sep 22, 8: That this dongle “just works.

Thu Sep 24, 8: Nov 28, Posts: Please clarify things a bit: How does one point to a different audio device? I would have guessed it was doing this as it was trying to pass sound via HDMI, however, I was under the impression DisplayPort does not pass sound. I’ve found others asking similar questions but no solutions that have worked for me.

VGA to projector works, but that is an analog signal, if I’m not mistaken. Oct 22, Posts: I’m not sure if it was something that I did or not.


Dell Latitude E6400 – Displayport and Windows7 = Not Working?

I’ve looked all over trying to find solutions. I plugged it all in and messed with the setting for 15 minutes, but I never got anywhere. I’ll probably just buy a better adapter for the future, just sucks because I rarely stay in hotels with flat panel TVs and I won’t bother trying to hunt one down for my last night. Los Angeles, CA Registered: I’m using one cord. Latitude E with a monoprice displayport to hdmi cord hooked into a lcd television.

Thu Sep 24, 2:

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