If you get error code EA21C6, it means Authentication method error. Start the utility and it will search the network for the Pie. Using the jumpers stored on the top pins close the 2 pins closest to the CF card slot. Enter the soft switch mode The start key will be blinking.

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The only thing they posyscript do is print labels, and you have to purchase the labels from Stamps. Set bits 6 and 2 to 1. Refer to the attached RA formand Bulletin Number for more detail.

Konica Minolta Di3510 – Printers and MFPs specifications.

Touch the Maximum Size key. Verify that the MFB board for the correct model has been installed. Incorrect gateway transmission setting.

The take up clutch in the document feeder is slipping. The scanner postscrpt is in the locked position even though the scanner has been unlocked. If the initial test does not have any issues then a second test can be done. Many multifunction devices are characterized by an optical scanner at dpi or dpi.


Clear the fax memory by performing the following: The HDD can be formatted using the following steps: If it does not change state, replace it.

Make sure that the machine is not connected to a DSL line with a filter. See KOM for details. Turn off the machine and connect the ethernet cable or set it for a static IP address.

Refer posrscript Windows registry information for advanced users http: The browser sent a request that the server could not understand. Use reliable tools and programs other than Registry Editor to edit the registry.

Solution The machine has five destinations and each destination can be configured to scan to five different folders. The error can be eliminated by: This can be done either manually or by a script. Solution The USB port is used for local printing only.

Konica Minolta Di Printers and MFPs specifications

Press the number 3 on thekeypad. The md5 algorithm is almost as fast as CRC, but it is much more accurate at detecting changes in files. Only use if neccessary.

The shape of the Pulley has been changed. Verify that the tray unit of the FN finisher is secured using the sequence on page 5 of the setup instructions.


Solution See Bulletin for details. Device Selector The Device Selector is a module for selecting the output device for your print job. Windows Server R2? Select the paper source to remove from the auto tray swiching sequence.

Minolta Dif | Di :: Di :: – Detailed Copier Specifications

When the dot appears at the left side of the screen press the “3” key. If the screws are not tightened carefully, the unit can twist slightly which prevents the finisher from being detected correctly. Password for Tech Rep mode has been changed or corrupted. When adding a model using Network Search. Legal Notice This document is designed as a diagnostic tool, primarily for Konica Minolta’s support personnel, and postscgipt service representatives.

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