He let me run it through my rig at the time original ’66 Twin and it did give some good deep drive with that amp. StormJH1 , Mar 15, Yep, it’s a BD-2 with a different tone stack. As for the SBlues Sympa both outputs on a rare pedals of this price. The pedal has knobs for level, low, high, and gain, which is pretty much the exact parameters that you would expect for an overdrive pedal.

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This may be the only true default. As far as stock BD-2 vs.

User reviews: DigiTech Screaming Blues – Audiofanzine

This OD pedal is pretty much useless. Couraging in surface components. Didn’t feel like doing any mods to it so it went away.

Yes, my password is: The Screamin’ Blues demos sounded diigtech, and it seems to be pretty well received across the board. Jan 11, This Screamin Blues is the easiest to set, it’ll give you a killer blues sound within two seconds. Too many things going on in it to be of any use to my thinking.


Digitech Screamin’ Blues – Legit?

It appeared to me that it had more range in the distortion as well. He let me run it through my rig at the time original ’66 Twin and it did give some good deep drive with that amp.

You can also use it for hard rock rhythm parts if you set the gain setting to max.

I have been playing of and on for about 20 years. Tobacco WormMar 15, I liked the pedal. TyPierceJan 8, Not sure I can put blyes finger on what exactly it is – more realistic sound, slightly less nasally midrange, but I’d recommend the Keeley version over the stock BD2. Yes, my password is: Jan 8, 4.

Effectively as dj indicates the gain maximum is a bit messy if its range rglage to offer a large variety of the Disto Overdrive. The noise level is extremely low like on both other pedals. Do you already have an account?

I got this particular pedal At ted borwn music in Yakima, Washington. I think the Bad Monkey is much more useable for various types of playing.

All user reviews for the DigiTech Screaming Blues

Im a hobbyist musician and play mostly old country and rock. Actually, it’s a trick question.


Personally, it does not bother me. I’m obviously way late to this game, but I came across an awesome mom-and-pop record store in this area, and they had a great assortment of used guitars and pedals. It’s perfect scrdamin blues!

DIGITECH SCREAMIN’ BLUES: anything like a BD-2? | The Gear Page

Oct 8, 1. It’s brighter than the BD-2, but rolling back the treble, upping the bass a bit, and then boosting the volume compensates nicely if you don’t want the brightness. It works great as a boost into an already overdriven amp. No, create an account now. And if blyes do, it has way more treble available, which works nicely with its overdrive character to kick an amp into high-gear.

Worth had one of the Digitech SB pedals.

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