Following with the preliminaries, I will going to make clear that you do not need any knowledge electronics, although knowing how to solder and know how to handle a multi-meter. And that is it. If your controller doesn’t power up many racing controllers need more power than the parallel port can supply, for example you may want to try adding an external 5V power supply:. Maybe except to Calibrate the controller. Close everything and executes the game. With either power from a external power block or power from inside the computer they both are connected the same way. Solder the corresponding pin to each of the wires from the extension.

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Don’t be to worried if you don’t find a wire for each hole there are only 7 or 8 wires and 9 holes.

If you want to use the dual-shock you will need an external power supply, or steal power from inside the computer. Take the extension cord and cut the cable shortly before arriving at the end where the male connector is connected.

Connect the PSX pad to PC

directpxd The connection goes to the parallel port, which means that if you are going to use the printer you change connectors Make sure the colors are the same. Close everything and executes the game.

Look to the attached figure considering that the part that is seen in drawing is the part where we are going to solder. No, I am not mistaken, yellow wire is 12v, but for that we have voltage regulator LCV: Get the newest DirectPad drivers of here and unzip it to a temp directory anywhere, ei.


You will be able to use ALL the buttons of PlayStation pad in your preferred games, altogether 10 if you use digitals or 16 if you use the analog control. This site and all pgo contained within is Copyright Earle F.

Going by the diagram of the circuit on the paper where you wrote down the corresponding wires of your extension to the holes of the female dirctpad. Iomega, Syquest, SparQ, Jaz, Zip, and other names are trademarks or property of their respective owners. P lay S tation. You can connect simultaneously up to two pads.

Before executing the game enter game configuration and select it in Properties of driver. Only if you want to use the a Force Feedback pad With either power from a external power block or power from inside the computer they both are connected the same way. Take a cable of two threads of 0. Open the computer, and it looks for the power supply it is one the little box attached to the top rear of the case with a bunch of wires coming out of it.

It should look like image alongside.

Win9X Direct Pad Pro 5 installation

Last updated April 19, If you pay attention, hole 6 of the female connector must go connected to pins 18 and 19 of connector DB You should be able to configure the second pad the same as you did for pad one. Maybe except to Calibrate the controller. You can get rid of your troublesome power supply and enjoy this connection. The wire that corresponds to hole 5 of the connector you have it to weld to the other ends of the 5 diodes.


Direct Pad Pro – Joystick Emulators – Zophar’s Domain

So stick the pin on hole 1 then touch the ends of the wires until you find the one that matches the corresponding hole. We are going to find out to what hole of the female connector is connected to which small wire.

Look below on how to get more power to the pads. Verify that it has at least 7 wires without counting the one that is bare. prro

The other wire the black you solder to pin 18 or 19 or where it connected the wire that corresponds of hole 6. In this case you can buy an accessory that makes two connectors from one single one, y-adapter but you risk to overload the power supply unlikely.

The second pad will have a all functionality all the buttons work and even force-feedback. Take the 5 diodes and it cuts the ends that are on the side opposition to the mark what marks? Now we take the soldering iron and tin-plate the end of each diode taking care that you do not taking too long doing it or you can damage the diode by the heat.

To hook up the second controller duplicate all connections except DB and DB

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