With this Server Fax feature, you can transfer image data received by the machine to the Server Fax server, and can transfer image data received by the Server Fax server to the machine via a network based on the settings you made. Page 15 Appendix Parameter Item No. It also deletes all data including the maximum number of pages, cumulative number of pages, and printer auditron data. Network Accounting Services Controlled by Authentication When the authentication type is [Login to Local Accounts] and the accounting type is [Network Accounting] The following services are controlled. Step 3 Configuration on the Computer In order to print from the machine, the computer needs to have a print driver installed. For how to configure, refer to “Reports” P. See the Note field at the bottom of the report for a list of abbreviations and their definitions.

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Stored Programming 5 Tools Auto Start If you select the [Auto Start] check box, when a document is stored in the mailbox, the procedure registered in the job flow is automatically started.

Paper Types The following table lists the paper types supported for each paper tray, duplex module, and the finisher. Not really sure where to post this or if these are the correct forums.

Action For information on paper jams, refer to “Paper Jams” If the maximum limit is set for the number of pages that can be scanned, you can also view the limit value. Setting a passcode is strongly recommended for security.


Check the paper trays in a screen displayed. The machine automatically reboots.

Specifications Operating System Standard: Setup With the numeric keypad, enter the address number to or group dial number 01 to 09 for the broadcast destination, and select [Add]. Page 15 Appendix Parameter Item No. After the machine is restarted, print a Configuration Report to confirm that the USB port is enabled. Index You can enter a single alphanumeric index character for use as a keyword to search the address book.

Page Fax Service Settings Rotate 90 degrees Set whether to automatically rotate a document if its image must be reduced in size unless it is rotated.

Press the center section of the cover B to close it. The data format the machine Set not to output Ctrl-D.


When you cannot communicate with the printer Cause Check point Remedy The computer and the User Name Set a user name. Installation Procedure Installation Procedure Installation Procedure This section describes how to configure the machine to use the E-mail service.

To make full and effect use of the machine’s performance, we recommend using only paper recommended by Fuji Xerox. Free to the general public. New Recipient Specify a new address. Page 48 3 Maintenance Hold the staple cartridge by Lever R1 and pull the staple cartridge holder to the right.


This list is provided for reference purposes and is no longer being updated. You docucenhre-3 specify a number from 1 to pages. Automatically scans multiple-sheet documents. For the method of displaying the [Tools] screen, refer to “System Settings Procedure” For features supported by ApeosWare Accounting Service optionalrefer to the documentation provided with it.

Printer and scanner drivers for Mac

Audit Log Allows you to enable the Audit Log feature. Other cleaning materials may result in poor performance of the product.

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to reenter the same passcode. Page Specifications Operating System Standard: Step 1 Entering System Administration Mode Fax Service Settings Rotate 90 degrees Set whether to automatically rotate a document if its image must be reduced in size unless it is rotated. Trouble during Printing Trouble during Printing This section describes how to solve print problems. Page Setup Depending on the method of storing in the mailbox, there are restrictions on the combination of features.

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