Hey guys, I’d like to let you know that lasercam now supports the Kinect 3D camera for use in getting live figure shapes without needing a contrasting background or clothing. I see you have tuned the output algorithm a bit for RIYA which is working very well also. And if its lower than 0. Joined Mar 7, Messages 1, Likes 64 Points 0. Thanks for resizing the photos.

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drlaba The laser you already have is quite smaller than the standard, more powerfull laserwave and cni models mgl-iii or equivalents I think thesmaller cni modules could do the trick as well as others from similar manufacturers.

September 03, For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

It looks like the best route for alser Nothing to do with programming here. Not every aspect, such as dynamically evaluated expressions, need to be mastered right away, or even at all. That’s surplus in a down market for ya. Joined Jan 13, Messages Likes 23 Points 0.

drlavaa Improvements such as drag-and-drop DAC selection, a better organized setup menu, non-modal context-sensitive editing dialogs, full event group cut, copy, paste across timelines and shows, help pop-ups local help buttons, and the ability to ‘Undo’ are some of the things that make the use of this software more of a pleasure than a pain.


James on July 12, The Micro Boost drive lased a boost-only version of the FlexDrive using a different circuit. This is most probably the insides of your laser diode driver the black box connected to the green laser. Signup Issues have been resolved hopefully.

Schematics of Dr.Lava Micro Flex Drive V5 / Replacement for pot / trimmer

When i lader laser diode driver, I mean a circuit board that provides current to the laser diode. The problem is that you have to find a head that fits in there and the beam height matches the one you have so that it still hits the galvo mirrors. June 21, If drlvaa created a cool animation effect and wanted to save it to a preset for later use on other frames, LSX has you covered. This was also a big reason why you separated the GUI code from the operating code in the first place.

September 08, This section allows you to view all posts made by this member. Sorry this ended up getting so long.

Introducing two new miniature drivers for portable lasers

Does it match the voltage drop of the diode, or just dump the full 13 volts? If you have other things going on, that’s cool, take your site down. Eventually, the opportunity to create these improvements myself presented itself, and after a lot of development and hard work improving what was already pretty powerful software, here laset LSX today.


The frames that I’ve made with it are just fantastic. Thread starter DasGeraet Start date May 29, Media New media New comments Search media. Again, it’s not personal, but keeping your website active, accepting ,aser and not filling orders is unacceptable. Feel free to send me a PM if you have questions.

DrLava rocks tha house ! [Archive] – Photonlexicon Laser Forum

Bad idea do business with you. No reason the site needs to stay up. Don’t worry, if you aren’t comfortable with math, there are many presets and more are kaser created all the time.

The interface code isn’t that different and I can send you an example. Introducing two new miniature drivers for portable lasers.

The full Leveling list is available on the purchase page.

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