Meanwhile, the rest of the family have had a wonderful time. Pause Only the actors who play him! His satisfaction soon disappears when he is forced to speed off to get his family after an enraged driver takes a potshot at him for holding up traffic. There are actually multiple people who play Duffman. Duffman also slept with Titania. The episode remained in somewhat constant syndication in Australia, with regular reruns playing on the Cable Channel FOX8 and it currently airs uncut on Channel 11 A sister channel of Channel Ten. Modified on February 1, , at

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designatfd You can now subscribe to us on Patreon! Due to the central plot being a dilemma that Homer has at the World Trade Center, the episode didn’t air in the United States for a long time or never aired again because many viewers thought it would never come back due to the episode becoming banned from airing in future broadcasting on American TV, which was not true.

And there was also a Duffman who died of liver failure. Retrieved from ” http: The episode remained in somewhat constant syndication in Australia, with regular sesignated playing on the Cable Channel FOX8 and it currently airs uncut on Channel 11 A sister channel of Channel Ten.

Duff Beer Party Bus

Duffman is also a professional male stripper for private special events, such as Edna Krabappel ‘s bachelorette party. Retrieved from ” https: Want to help support the contributors of Wikisimpsons? It’s easy, free, and your work on the wiki can be attributed to you. Barney promises an inebriated Homer that he will bring his car back the next day, but this proves not to be true as he undergoes a severe mental breakdown and disappears. Duffman is the greatest womanizer – or so he says.


Only until Mad About the Toy airs! The City of New York vs.

Duffman | Simpsons World on FXX

Seeing how this means he would have to leave his car, Homer tries to resist, but it soon becomes too much to bare. When he was subsequently found teaching basic mathematics at the Springfield Men’s Mission, he was played by “Barry Duffman”. Page Discussion Edit this page History.

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Duffman is generally known for his overly enthusiastic speech in which he refers to himself in the third person, complete with dramatic pauses and ending with a suggestive “Oh, yeah! Homer’s subsequent ” D’oh!

Privacy policy About Wikisimpsons Disclaimers Mobile view. When Duffman is shot by Frank Grimes, Desigjated.

After an attempt at using a letterbox as a makeshift urinal and having a postman admonish him, Homer, left with no other options, rudely and desperately cuts in front of everybody in the line upon reaching the top floor to relieve himself and make it back to his car in time. They watch a Broadway musical and visit several ethnic neighborhoods, concluding with a carriage ride in Central Park.

After an appropriate amount of time passed, some stations began to air the episode again. He promised her that in exchange for sleeping with him, she wouldn’t have to touch the drunks in a bartending contest, but he reneged on the promise at the last minute.


The credits use the song “New York, New York”.

Driven to the brink of insanity by his appointed status as designated driver, Barney Gumble drives to downtown Manhattan in Homer ‘s car, leaving it there. Homer rushes out of the tower and reads the ticket stating that for his “failure to wait by vehicle. Duffman action figure Contents [ show ]. Homer Simpson ” is the first episode of Season 9 originally an episode made for season eight.

When Lisa asks if they can come back to New York, Homer’s eye is twitching and he simply says “We’ll see, honey. Party bus First Appearance: If you want to help support the contributors, you can make a one off payment by clicking here. Barney became the designated driver. In the United Kingdom, the British satellite TV channel Sky One did not show the episode again until August 7,with several cuts to remove some but not all shots of the towers.

The Principal and the Pauper.

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