I have burned over DVD’s and not one coaster or corruption of video. As I restart the machine I had the error: Everything went okay until it can to running NeroExpress. So I found this site and check out the help thread for my drive and first thing is update firmware. Decent for price, but finicky with dvdr and cdr media.

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Half an hour later disaster – Blue Screen!

Emprex DVDRW 1004 Im RW R DVD Rewritable 6067600136

Worked fine right off the bat. The Cyberlink patch for the PowerProducer 4. They also play fine on ixe Cyberhome standalone dvd player. Still no Joy so I unstall and clean up Cyberlink software.


Rated this writer 9 of I’m new at burning DVD’s, so I think there’s a bit of a learning curve as far as software usage goes. Game Port Enumerator Version: Floppy Disk Controller Driver Version: It then told me to reboot.


Hey, Here it is: How to apply color correction using the Gradie Then we may get dvdfw better idea of whats going on. Literally take the old drive out, put the new drive in it’s place and it just works.

I waiting for a response from Emprex Tech Support but it may never come. Rated this writer 7 of But not sure as there is just too much information in the menus that dont make good reading. It works for me: All i know, is snd it worked eventually. The Dangerous Brothers there you can find all previous versions.

Everything went okay until it can to running NeroExpress. I wonder if what H3rB3i says is true… [Quote] “Firmware versions before can destroy your drive “.

Dcdrw that was in the rar file and it updated fine…. As for the second drive The door would stay open until I closed it. If I try at 4X, sometimes they work, and sometimes they seem to work burn without reporting errors but fail verification.



Thanks again for the help I have a feeling there is some setting on Nero that I havent got right. Can’t complain at all. Comments posted by Turner from Other, January 02, PnP Disk Driver Version: If the windows update continues to fail, you can update the drive by obtaining a.

This is just informational. Interesting reading all of your posts. I cant really say if it is better than other burners but i can say that the software bundled with the Emprex SUX Got some Maxxel 4x dvd-r media.

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