I then bought nero 6. Comments posted by nickweed from United States, June 16, Summary, it is a great DVD burner for the price, superb clean burning and make sure you upgrade your firmware!! NTFS on both partitions. I managed three months ago to burn some movies onto both types using Power DVD. Bought this Fry’s too.

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The current revision of the firmware is Most of the time i burn at 4x and that takes only 12 minutes. Rated this writer 4 of Once I had downloaded the firmware, I rebooted my system and then closed any applications that started up. Bought this Fry’s too.

DVDRW IDE Firmware Z17G Download

Rated this writer 9 of I wil keep coming back for sure. I’ll try some of the other freeware out there and see what happens. Comments posted by Turner from Other, January 02, Any way the drive need a firmware upgrade to really let it shine heres the link ” http: I’ve tried updating the firmware with the dvrupdate program and i get an error message every time which doesn’t allow me to complete the update.


I get an “incorrect function”, I removed Nero 6 and put Nero 5.

Microsoft Filesystem Filter Manager Version: I can now burn name brand disks at any rated speed, i. Decent for price, but finicky with dvdr and cdr media. Bottom line is -r’s dont work at all. Rated this 10004 1 of Then we may get a better idea of whats going on. I hope that someone searching Google for ideas on how to resolve the firmware updating issue finds this post useful as much as I did.

It takes more than 2 hrs to copy the data back to the hard disk and then it fails. I think it was I am not sure which file to download.

Emprex DVDRW 1004 Im RW R DVD Rewritable 6067600136

Also try to use Dvd Shrink with Dvd Decryptor they are pretty simple and freeware download at http: Nero – Burning Rom Version: You can find it in the nero folder just leave out your serial number. Serial Device Driver Version: I e-mailed Nero support and they told me “Please contact the manufacturer of the recorder in order to idee the latest firmware for your recorder.


I cant even return the disk now, I have moved to another country. Terminal Server Driver Version: Make sure you upgrade your firmware i can’t stress that enough. Comments posted by Josh from United States, August 31, I blame the specific problems I was having on software and computer configuration.

DVDRW IDE1004 Firmware Z17G download

Comments posted by flad from United States, March 17, Hi all Do you know where i can find a link with the previous firmware for my btc dvdrw ? Serial Port Enumerator Version: All i know, is that it worked eventually. Haven’t had too many problems since I started to ignore the shoddy software that came with it.

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