DynaVox DynaWrite is targeted at the following age ranges: The Dynawrite is a bit out dated in its technological capacities, however, its integrated keyboard can be plugged into a computer’s USB port to act in place of a standard keyboard. Cost of this device can easily be covered by funding programs for active duty service members and by prosthetic department for veterans. Skip to main content. Consumers with literacy skills will be able to use this device with little to no training right out of the box, and can address the manual and website for most questions on functions beyond text-to-speech with little difficulty. This device enables users to type messages on the full-sized computer keyboard and have them spoken back.

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The screen resolution is x Battery does not latch in anymore and is held in with tape. Not required jsb there are no sequences which require holding down two keys. The Dynawrite is a bit out dated in its technological capacities, however, its integrated keyboard can be plugged into a computer’s USB port to act in place of a standard keyboard. Please provide a valid price range. Pronunciation — enter phonetic spellings as needed. He had had a stroke and could not use the chair Uusb need to sell the unit to settle the estate.


Flexible and versatile The DynaWrite can be accessed using a variety of selection methods and scanning configurations. Format see all Format. The manual suggests a regular soft reset but the tech support recommended this daily.

Dynarwite PhoneIT accessory also limits privacy as it allows the consumer to hear their listener via a speaker box.

Powerful capabilities Within its built-in Universal Remote Control, DynaWrite lets the augmented communicator operate other remote controlled dynawriet.

Access and Selection Methods Keyboard, single and dual switch scanning.

DynaVox will pay return shipping as well as shipping of any loaner devices. Extra accessories will be supplied if available; ex-demo units may not include all items listed below.

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Spectronics – Inclusive Learning Technologies Take it out of the box and talk! Function keys activate features such as integrated help menus, speaking, volume control, word morphology, word prediction, transfer, dybawrite, spell, search, and clearing the message window.

Alternate Access Single and dual switch scanning. Not satisfied at all.

Scanning module plugged into the serial port on the Lightwriter and often mounted separately. One large display for scanning with 0.

DynaVox DynaWrite – Discontinued

This device can be used by veterans with polytraumatic injuries as long as functional dynawgite skills are dynawrife. The VeriVox and DECTalk voices are a bit unnatural and can be hard to understand as well as some of the pronunciations unusual these can be stored. Snap Scene has not been installed but can be downloaded for free. The Dynawrite is light at 2 lbs, 2 oz 1kg and is easily mounted or carried via carry strap.


Comparison of the Lightwriter and DynaWrite – September 2005

Go to Previous Page. Allows the user to swap quickly from writing to giving a quick response if needed. This device is designed to be a dedicated speech generating device and will likely not adapt with the technological changes of the times or interact with current technologies.

DynaVox bills the Dynawrite as a “keyboard-screen AAC device that will have users communicating in no time.

Dynawrite | AbleData

Buying Format see all. Can either be purchased to cover the entire top surface of the device or just the keyboard. This device is easily portable and lightweight 2 lb 2 oz and with an average battery run time of 8 hours can be taken anywhere. We are otherwise not open to the public.

The website has extensive knowledge documents that may help the consumer fix some simple problems, and the company provides 24 hr tech support as well as live uab tech support.

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