If only the Yamaha guys could be a bit smarter. Resetting PSR by: Jan 17, Rating cd by: Hope you found this review helpful and can make a decision based on it. However although the keyboard is identified in the downloader window I cannot open it to get the flash memory icon but get a message about communication problems. Ive installed the cd driver for the yamaha pyt keyboard and my midi cables but i have no useage,how do i use the keyboard.

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Mar 29, Rating price e43 paino by: Nov 02, Rating Midi by: I am a yamaha psr maniac, i used from the first psr some years ago.

Jul 25, Rating. Jun 30, Rating manipulating?

See any errors on this page? Also the volume of keys struck changes, if you hit a key hard, it’s loud, hit a key soft, and the volume of that key is softer.

Yamaha PSR E Keyboard Q & A

Be the first to review this item. Nov 11, Rating. Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Best value for your money We purchased it for my 6year old to learn yaaha, but me and my wife ended up learning with my Son. Jun 15, Rating. I e4133 on the remove device icon and it tells me its safe to remove the device. Aug 06, Rating pedrinho cds by: Aug 23, Rating merci by: Can anyone be of help?


It is very good for home use, it is bit heavy ee413 carry on the roads always. This keyboard does not have weighted keys, however when you strike a key, it does not feel cheap. Click here to learn how to play keyboards and piano with Piano For All.

Jan 17, Rating. The first action erases part of the recorded memory, and the second restores the keyboard to Factory condition.

Yamaha PSR-E – Note Portable Keyboard PSRE B&H Photo

Im totally disappointed with my yamaha product. Go here to buy a Yamaha keyboard. Overall this is a decent practice keyboard for someone looking for a couple of good patches or as a starter keyboard. I particularly liked the percussion instruments and horns.

Oct 08, Rating. Anonymous unplug you head phone and insert an audio cable and transfer that audio signal to any recording device.

Yamaha PSRE413 Portable Keyboard Review

Jun 30, Rating. I find that instead of the cheap earphones it comes with, a USB chord would have been better. So what should have been drag and drop simplicity, has become rocket science for those who arent familiar with digital music. Jul 08, Rating.


Transfer User Songs from Yamaha PSRE413 to laptop

The Digital Music Notebook should be an incredible help to solve alot of learning problems. I would be greatly thankful if anyone knows how to do this.

Do i need to download anything else. May 02, Rating. Anonymous de muchas graciass.

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