The Robot Server is also responsible for relaying commands from the user to the Robotic Arm, enabling the user to control it. Visual Studio is the development environment used for creating and deploying applications for Windows CE 6. If client starts transmitting the software: The server application runs under the Windows CE 6. If a client requests a connection:

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This software is a new application for this project, which allows a user using the client software to remotely upload and update the Robot Server software.


If there is a current Robot Server running: The server sends a response to the client indicating that the update has completed and the connection closes. Figure A5 The update process has completed After the application transfer is completed, the file is saved to the disk.

Wait for incoming connection from a client. It is the current operating system for the eBox Now all that rbox left to do is to start the new Robot Server software. Converting protocols via MGate. Again, there are two software products involved in this product and described in the diagram.


The software is broken into two parts, a server and a client. While the IP address can essentially be at any location, the port number was selected as it is not assigned to any services associated with any major applications, allowing it to remain free unless any other application is created that will use the port specifically.

This software transmits live video feed to the client software. Obtain status of current Robot Server software is it running. Move new Robot Server software to proper location on eBox.

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If client starts transmitting the software: Aluminium Chassis Mounting Configuration: This software is deployed on the eBox thin client that runs a Windows CE6 environment. Product of the month July Hardware and Software 2. Save password Log in Forgot your password?

The server application runs under the Windows CE 6.

Is a touch screen not working? Obtain status of Internet connection. News Rapid transfer of field data with the Ruggon PM References [1] LaForge, S.


Through use of the scroll wheel, the program allows the user to 9.

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Remote Software Updater for eBox and Windows CE6 Pages 1 – 23 – Text Version | AnyFlip

A simple string command is transferred to the eBox to close the process If it is successfully stopped, the new software replaces it. Once the Update Server receives this new version, it replaces the current version with the new one. Using user specified address and port, check for connection with the server side application. Fiber optic converters in Ethernet networks.

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