Board index All times are UTC. So when you choose to use MIDI port, sound card doesn’t work. Tracks may sometimes be serviceable on the SD, and at other times they will not be. Sorry, if text is not that correctly written, english is not my 1st language. If I had to choose between those two I would choose the SD

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Paint Shop Pro 3. Descent – Main Menu: In game sound setups, Ddirol just choose General Midi as music option? I’m not a particular fan of its sound, however; any SC or MU series module would be a better bet. I have plenty sound cards that have gameport like SB2. The seller is going to sell only one of these two for quite good price.

Roland Edirol Sd-90 Studio Canvas Midi Sound Module U299 181026

Does the SD90 even have a SC mode? If not prepare for some 09 in how games sound with it. I know that SD90 is newer and has more abilities? So the ymfe-s is one I am going to use with modules.

Roland Edirol Sd Studio Canvas Midi Sound Module U | eBay

As for the MU, from what I understand of it, it has full baseline XG support as well as some extra patches from the MU80, but loses out on some effects ed generally not too important though for most uses. I believe Phil philscomputerlab.


From what I have heard in youtube videos, yamaha devices have cool drums in some games like: I think some of the music sounded better on SD90 and some on MU Can’t find many game records of SD90 in youtube, only from this user https: Board index All times are UTC.

What is this “solo ediril

Sorry, if text is not that correctly written, english is not my 1st language. This site hosts no abandonware.

Will they work with some of the cards? SD has other advantages.

ediro This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Needless to say that only sc map sounds correct in games. Users browsing this forum: Additionally, as a GM2 module or in native mode, I find it decent thanks to the ability to freely select between 4 different GM2 banks; in fact, I prefer playing Descent with this module after adjusting the drum bank.

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It’s a sound card and it works in XGlite mode. XGLite does not incorporate such effects support and drops some instrument variations, and the SD’s implementation reflects this.


I have tried find SC, but without success and other similar devices. Ddirol know that these devices have many things that can be adjusted: Also in the case of the SD, you may need to adjust the Analog In setting to Line in the system menu, and maybe also bypass the default digital audio effects. However, the SD does have its uses for some music production usage though I’d honestly take any JV or XV module instead if that is your goaland has a particular notoriety amongst Touhou Project fans for some of its instruments particularly Romantic Tp.

Here are a few recordings as requested. PM me for more details.

I’ll get to those recordings for both the MU and SD, as well as a few others I feel are a good point of comparison. Return to General Old Hardware. However, given that expression information is often stored in the MIDI files themselves, you’ll need to adjust them manually each time they play.

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