I used a Which is why I wrote: Click OK to save the config. I bet if I bridge them, it will work over the long cable. See the K2 manual for details. Not so cool for our 1kW limit in NZ. Check tick just two options:

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The K2 is about the size of a car radio.

Elecraft KUSB USB Adapter for the K3 Transceiver.

The mic has a noise-cancelling pickup on the outward side of the boom, and the headphones have a rotary volume control neatly built into the right earpad. Click the Set button for the COM port and then configure the port to match how it is set up on your K3 i.

The auto-ATU will tune almost anything but wire dipoles, doublets, verticals or loops make more efficient antennas than random lengths of wet string. The elecrwft quality and comfort were excellent, while the open style means I could hear things happening around me, such as someone knocking at the door.

Now figure out which serial port the adapter is using: That said, shortly before my K3 arrived, my old Sony laptop decided it was time to go to the big bit bucket in the sky.

Elecraft Accessories

It is a no-tune design with low pass filters selected automatically for each band to 6m using RF sensing or a connection from the transceiver – more on that below.

The K3 has a 9 pin RS connector. The K3 comes as standard with an RS serial port through which it can communicate with logging software, passing information such as its frequency and mode in either direction.


Tape the Menu key to exit the settings. Play with the settings on the Operate tab if you like.

You can send other commands to the K3 in the same manner – check the K3 Programmers Guide for the available commands and parameters. The Yaesu uses a traditional analogue meter which elecfaft better resolution though probably worse accuracy than the W2. If the pitch changes, your VFO is off frequency. Using a 30m fullwave loop on the subRX in my right ear and the beam, vertical or dipoles on the main RX feeding my left ear, I find diversity mode is worth about 3dB due to the loop partially filling-in QSB dips on the main antennas.

You should be able to get to within 2 Hz of the true value, with care down to within 1 Hz. The K3 is not perfect however. After testing per the procedure in the KPA manual the K2 will send kysb the laptop but the laptop will not send to the K2 with my present adapters.

It weighs 12kg, about half of which is the toroidal transformer. Check out the spectrum anomalies on this BeaconSee output for example: Click OK to come out of the config menus. Pelican elecrafg cases or aluminium flight cases with foam inserts are a good way to protect them both when travelling, and are small enough to travel in the cabin as hand baggage By comparison, the following screenshot from my TS shows no such obvious artifacts:.


A switch in the boom turns the mic on as it swivels down into place.

I sometimes forget to change antennas after changing band and wanted a gizmo that would instantly lock out and so protect my old valve amplifier if the SWR was too high. Now configure the radio port to send PTT commands: With a quiet receiving location, birdies on the high bands are the most annoying so perhaps I should give that a try, next time I have the case open.

Hold TEST again later to put the rig back into normal transmit mode.

Elecraft Accessories – Transceiver Accessories – Amateur Radio

Turn on your K3 and wait a good while e. I leave the front panel mic settings configured for elscraft Heil headset that I prefer for contesting. One thing for sure, be VERY careful to use a cable between the K2 and the adapter that only connects the RS signals and not the K2-specific lines that appear on the connector on the K2.

Open the KPA configuration tab. Both are ‘no-name’ devices and both use FTDI chipsets http: It is nice and quiet, especially compared to the roar of 4 muffin fans inside my big old valve amp. The commands to trigger and abort the memories are easy enough, while more complex ones to set up split etc.

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