I can only guess: I asked my question in my very short response but here is the direct question again. The last feature is one that has been greatly needed in video cards for some time and that is in-game gamma adjustment with a gamma menu and hotkeys. So, four method calls. If you have a suggestion or question on these setups or have a different video card and would like to contribute your setup please feel free to post over at the Forum. I’m getting really tired of these unknown error codes, aren’t you?

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Could you please document how a 3D Vision application can run in windowed mode?

Meant to be Seen – View topic – OpenGL to Direct3D to 3D Vision: yes, it works great!

Please ask specific questions and I’ll see what I can do to help. Finally after a long journey you will find the “nvstereo. I think far to many people misconceive what frame rates mean and if they are not getting fps they just feel substandard. I would really appreciate your help, because I’m becoming crazy. Even though the origin is double the width of the destination, and also has an extra row, the driver recognizes the magical signature and turns on 3D mode.

VRCaddyME also provides an in game menu and hot keys to adjust your 3d settings to your likings and save them. Episis rirect3d oi epomenoi drivers tis nvidia tha exoun ensomatomeni ipostiriksi gia 3d glasses.

Tks a lot, hope in your answer Lorenzo.

Suspicious Activity Detected

I will however make an update in the future as I am able to get my hands on either an Asus board or a hacked driver that will allow it to be used on my GeForce 2.


How can you know at runtime? How come it works for them and not for you? May the force be with you.

I undestand that I need to build an image that have left and right frame both but I need to write a signature for the 3D Nvidia driver Stereo 3D support in OpenGL is even a lot older than that long before Direct3D even existedquad buffer stereo was basically part of the 1.

I have not found entries in the registry. Because vertex shaders can do anything they want with the incoming vertices, there is no way for the driver to know what projection you are using, if at all.

At that time Digect3d didn’t even have access to the underlying quad buffer stereo implementation to support OpenGL 3D stereo rendering. On Windows I can put on the 3D Vision glasses and enjoy full stereoscopy. How weird is this magical StretchRect? As if that weren’t enough the REVELATOR driver also saves the settings for each game you run so that after you get a game tweaked to just the right settings, they can be saved for all future times of running the program without having to reset everything each time you play.

You do however have to have your video card properly set up with the correct refresh rates at all resolutions to get a nice flicker free experience with any of the drivers discussed below. They’ve been deprecated and you’re encouraged to use vertex buffer objects, which bypass all of the old matrix stuff that OpenGL provides. And where is the API mentioned in the presentation? I know that modders have already got it to work with 3D Vision, though these mods keep breaking as new versions are released.


The Ideal System With all the different drivers it seems that it would be difficult to come up with the ideal system however it is much easier than you think.

The challenge is not the API, but making sure that your whole rendering pipeline including the 2D overlays can allow for flipping the Y axis. Sat Elza 22, 9: Yes, as far as I can tell these names are hardcoded in the driver. Where is the documentation for this sorcery?! Again VRCaddyME is a wrapper that is designed to go between your application game and the video drivers and will allow you to use it with almost any video card. I suggest you read up on some of the optical theory of this to get the best user experience.

A much easier fix is something like: I’m not even sure the latest notable OpenGL game that has been released Rage is not using them. That might be harder depending on how much control you have over your 2D rendering library.

Rendering for each eye sounds direct3, but actually it’s great, streeo-driver you get complete control over what each eye sees.

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