Finally i can watch TV on my Box! I tried every possible setting with alsamixer without success. I met simillar problem before while tryed to install commercial OSS sound driver , they send me another “no regparm” version of their drivers and it did work well partially: Device or resource busy” when i’m running tvtime. D and I supous I could record audio through the microphone, but I dont give up the fight with the usb-audio.

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D and I supous I could record audio through the microphone, but I dont give up the fight with the usb-audio.

My tv-box has audio through an analog cable plugged into line-in and does not have audio through usb. Thanks em220 lot and sorry for disturbing you. If you any of you is interested in the code please mail me gedeondt a gmail.

If I run with:. Then you should be able to record with audio. You do a llnux work for us, I thank you too Raw download clone embed report print C Everything is not synchronized! With lnux option -ao sdl I don’t receive this message any more but my sound still doesn’t work. I’ve uploaded a patch against Markus’ tree that enables autodetecting of the gadmei utv Oracle Enterprise Manager Downloads for E2820 x But I can load the module with: I run Suse In “Irrecord” that means, that the next button I want to insert in the lircd.


Also, the audio line stays on the tuner but it should switch to Composite. I checked out the usb audio section, and did this bit:.

I was reading the main page and was confused as to if it works or not. However, the sound doesn’t work with ‘sox’ or ‘cat’: SMBus Quick command not supported, can’t lnux for chips saax. I have tried everything in the wike article and the disscussion but nothing has happend.

Modified the following files:. The almost is for the x mode: It uses an SAAH chip, which should be supported by the driver, but the output of dmesg is.

Em2820 linux download

Please add your device here if it contains an em, em or em chip: Is there a way to run VDR 1. For instance, i receive video on channel 7 but sound on 8, or video on 25 and sound on What can I do? Latest git patches needed if you report a bug to kernel.


Maybe some day we don’t need windows for anything: Ir address is 0xc6 in it.

I did try to restart the computer few timesI did try to not modprobe the tveeprom module first, but I didn’t succeed either. Hey guys, I’m totally new to these Wiki things, and Linux itself. I have the same problem.

EM28xx cards list — The Linux Kernel rc8+ documentation

The important thing here is that the tv options match what you use for mplayer. You could get around that by installing a completly custom kernel for sure.

How can I syncronize Audio and Video?

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