I have had to maintain older system and software corel10 to use the laser, but they all work well together. It occured to him that the optical head is always directly above the part of the work piece he was interested in seeing. Until then, VMWare works just fine. I anticipate it will be like going from cave painting to airbrush I don’t want to spark a Ford v. You are commenting using your WordPress. I’m not positive, but I think Universal Lasers have developed, or are developing, true Mac compatibility.

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Epilog Laser Mac Driver

I don’t understand your last comment. For example see this Apple Link MAC machines would be a great asset to the file creation, edit, and other functions for a laser business.

I still use a Dell XPS for my “main” system, and I have an older Dell Dimension that I was thinking about hooking up to the laser it will run elsewhere in my studio. I forgot about that one. I anticipate it will be like going from cave painting to airbrush If so, you shouldn’t have any difficulty.

If you have a valid Windows license as well, then there is no reason to use Acrobat Reader. Reason why it worked was likely because Mac offered the same driver.

Join Date Mar Posts This is a great idea. Llaser just ran the Epilog for about 30 hours straight and the thing won’t die, even though the bulb was replaced 5 years ago!


The last version that was OSX native was 11 and it was dog slow too. Epilog Drivers on a Mac.

Originally Posted by Peck Sidara. The printing in a BSD derivative is not like printing in Windows. As background, I am pretty proficient with Corel I design, engineer and program all sorts of things. Brett, Thanks for mentioning VMWare.

By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies. When or why Epilog stopped this ability is unknown to me. Notify me of new comments via email.

Introducing the Epilog Mac Driver

Take a look at this site: Now for my first question. Therefore, if anyone has any suggestions or advice about running these programs on a MacBook in a Parallels or Boot Camp environment, I’d be very grateful. And thank-you for your post so I can add my OT remarks to your thread. Call me Steve or Scott, doesn’t matter. Saying your laser runs on a Mac and meaning “if you have a Intel based Mac and can run windows and you switch over to Windows when you want to use the laser” is not exactly what the rest of the world considers “runs on a Mac”.

One important reason why companies should want to develop a Mac driver is to differentiate themselves from others. If the top companies don’t come out with one, you can bet the Asian companies will. I liked the ability to work on some projects at home on my Mac and then come to the shop with a native file instead of getting mixed results with an import. He had been using a flashlight to shed some light, but what if he just added lighting to that head?


Most of his time was spent routing some 14 gauge stranded speaker wire for this task.

Let there be light inside your Epilog laser cutter

I anticipate using both Corel in its latest release and AI to run the laser, depending on my needs or the needs of my clients.

All times are GMT My belief is that there is a substantial untapped market out there of graphic designers using Macs that would think about laser engravers more seriously if oaser were compatible with their equipment.

I don’t have any experience with running a laser on a Mac, but I will say this in hopes all the big names are watching. Notify me of new posts via email.

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