Turbo Tech Basic How a Turbo System Works Engine power is proportional to the amount of air and fuel that can get into the cylinders. Back to home page Return to top. Limitation of a 2-D map on turbo charged engine A 2-D fuel map should satisfy most engine conversions providing it is not too radical. Estimated delivery within working days. This causes it to pull as much heat out of the intake charge with the minimum volume of water as possible. The system is now ready again. For applications where load signal throttle angle sensor or manifold absolute pressure sensor MAP sensor are available, the MF2 can read these signals and perfom 3-D mapping functions.

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This cable can also be used to pick up any RPM pulses generated by any ancillary device, ie alternator, crank sensor etc. Pressure input threshold indicator When the pressure input signal reaches the set cut-in point, the lamp will activate.

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Step3- Water jet Still with the blue loom mappale use a short length of 4mm pipe and couple it to the mppable jet. Ferrari was the first manufacturer to apply the concept to its Formula One engine in and by the following year, most Formula One engines were using it.

Check local laws before adding turbo components. The wires are terminated into an 3-way AMP connector. Our AEM system came with a one gallon reservoir although an optional 5 gallon one is available.


Mf2 Injector Driver – game-diva

Being somewhat of a mad scientist, I had equipped the first engine I had ever built, a small block Ford with domed high compression pistons which had a compression ratio injwctor about A few minutes of operation under water injection operation literally scrubbed the sensor clean and it returned to normal operation which really boosted our fuel economy. A special output link from the ECU can inform other systems in the event of a fault condition, so boost-pressure can be lowered to minimise engine damage.

Schematic wiring diagram of the MF2 Conclusion: Pump fault lamp water injection only This yellow lamp will activate only when water injection link 5 is selected and ERL water injection equipment is used. There is little chance of water remaining in the errl tract as charge air speed will remain high during the race.

SYSTEM 2s A fully-mappable water-injection system, pre-pressurized system, equipped with diagnostic circuitry, mappabe to detect blocked water-jet and abnormal erp problems. It is intended to be used with the proper tools to help diagnose and solve drivability. Assuming all the wires go to the correct location, the yellow LED 1 should activate prior to starting the engine. The AEM gauge uses an inline flow meter to actually measure flow going to the engine.

Switch the ignition on and wait for seconds or until the yellow light mr2 out. Remove for driving water injection and boost control solenoid valves.

Insert a long rubber tube into the other end of the tube and connect it to a stethoscope. We also had other positive side effects. Flow and pressure characteristics are controlled by varying the frequency and the duration of the electrical pulse mmappable to the solenoid.


The AEM system has mappanle warning light but some other assurance that the system is working properly would be nice. This system worked much better and I used this until I rebuilt my engine with a lower For aftermarket conversion and engine upgrade, knock detection by the human ear is unreliable, since when the knock becomes audible to the human ear, it is already quite severe.

Accessory Application Publications No. Start display at page:. There is another red LED figure: If the issue is failure of the engine to turn-over. Switch on the ignition do not start the enginethe pump should now deliver water through the jet.

The loss due to high turbo discharge air temperature at high engine speeds can be compensated by the effect of heat absorption properties of the water spray and resultant change in charge air density thus increasing top end power.

ERL MF2 5th injector

The blanking plug should now be tightenned and the pump should stop immediately. Check at the same time that there is no leak on any of the pipe connections.

Ckecking the MF2 circuit board functions 2-D and 3-D, ref. A high pressure pump will also create good atomization with the right nozzle.

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