Furthermore, some institutions occupy rented quarters the cost or value of which they have no way of knowing. This factor is affected by 1 the number of institutions reporting the various items at different times, 2 variations in interpretation of the items in the questionnaires, and 3 changes made by the U. The total numbers of teachers conducting resident classes of college grade increased from 76, in to , in Publicly controlled institutions 94 3. The South Atlantic division shows an increase of 0. You are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer. Nevada stands at the head of the list each year.

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This regularity is especially noticeable from on, although it is not apparent in all sections of the country.

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Baccalaureate and first pro- fessional— Men. Faculty variously elaasified, ‘ 1. 2838ss controlled PrivatelT controlled Tmehers coucfns: I mi rT rTr? To get the latest that Fold3 has to offer, you’ll need to update to one of the following modern browsers. When it is recalled that the increase in student enroUment for the biennium was Ul a siSIS 83!


Of the 11 professions traditionally listed by this Office table 6, p. Students and degrees in professional schools, Total Percent of U, 8. MM 9S55S ‘ 1? These percentages of increases from to are much more uniform than those shown from to General income Table Flint tod plint fundi: Income, Table Students off campus, and secondary and military enrollments.

H,I4I lilt,, 17, Enrollments and graduates by school level 92 1. M 99 33 30 19, In these percentages ran much higher, the national average being 0. I78 laa, MS l. These 3 States have well over one-fourth of all the junior col- ics m the country. Thio would appear to indieato that tho InotStutiono eartailod ews proportionate oxpondl tarot for tho inotruction of otadonto in 38 in fOwor of larcor oapondl tarot for rotoarch tod aztontion actiwitioo. Plant and plant funds, and permanent funds, separately ana- lysed 00 6.

These professional curricula arc not included in this tabulation. Publicly controlled institutions 3- Privately controlled institutions I B. In this ratio was 1 to 2.


Faculty, students, and degrees,compared with Degrees in arts and sciences by major subjects, Sg I il ppfi? S4Z64, Other sources are more direct and more repre- sentative of educational effort.

Table 3, page Rtsuient otllegB tnnlhntnti in all institutions of higftet education, sutntnor session excluded, to Year Eorollmeot iDcreasa ovar prevkHis report NuiDber Paroaot 1 t.

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