The line-up was strengthened with Steve Roda coming in the following year. Sometimes it may seem better how you are Escaping from reality, from poverty and war You have seen your country, invaded and possessed They treat you and your countrymen, worse than all these guests. You took our people, and baby you took our land You ignored the pain, and you stole from our hands You took away our pride, and you came into our homes And now we’re strangers in our own land, and on strange paths we roam. And like the others doing not a thing. It’s using a blindfold, to cover our eyes It’s gaining a foothold, by using its allies. In fact, studies have shown that experiencing vicariously the stories of people abstractly unlike oneself by seeing those lives played out virtually on TV- actually even promotes the ideals of understanding the other, to mainstream youth.

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I stand watch my country, going down the drain We are all at fault, we are all to blame We’re letting them takeover, we just let ’em come Once we had an Empire, and now we’ve got a slum.

Where many people had lost hope, and the enemy reigned with cruelty and evil. Don’t need your high treason, don’t need your ball and chain We’re gonna smash your tyranny, we will rise again. Reicher Mann, armer Mann, das ist doch egal [Rich man, poor man, you are both equal] Es kostet kein Geld, es its fur jeden da [It costs not money, it’s just there].

Do you realise what you’ve done?

Excalibur Lyrics

Are we a gang of bankers? You stand in the middle of the road, you follow no creed or code You don’t know just where your going Your mind is in turmoil, your blood begins srewdriver boil You don’t like the way that the river’s flowing.

A skeptic said to me one sunny day, why the worried look upon your face? We hold a pride in our history A memory of it used to be Before the traitors took the reins Condemned our people to misery and pain. You can’t understand, why they murder your land But you can’t fight a tank with a stick And skrewdruver want to fight back, but the future is black And the killing is making you sick The tanks pass by, in a never ending line Not a man or a woman is spared And then you wonder why, no help does arrive The world doesn’t seem to care.


This version of skgewdriver band split up in January after a concert in Warrington, but Donaldson resurrected the name Skrewdriver in using new musicians. They say a problem shared is a problem halved And as time passes by it will prove it We all need somebody to lend a helping hand And when the chance arrives just grab it.

Can’t you hear exczlibur sound of our Mother Europe’s sons? He’s skrewdrivrr there every single morning Talking ’bout his new day that is dawning.

Join in our song, for they still march in spirit with us, and urge us on that we regain the national state I feel a peace as I walk the leafy lanes Look out over them hills, boy it looks like skdewdriver See the exxalibur mountains, with the storm clouds high above This is my land, my country, the place I love.

Steve Calladine, better known as Stigger, joined Skrewdriver in late lyric Well the winds of change are sweeping, hard across the land The shackles are a’breaking, the victory’s at hand I can see them trembling, as their lives begin to fall The vengeance is awakening now as we heed the holy call. Cobwebs have all gathered, they now obscure the view Majorities are in a trance, and the fight’s left to the few.

To watch videos non-fullscreen: For England White Power! They encourage such mixing, to us it is sickening And they say, for the Third World, we must provide bread Just for one occasion, let’s think of our own nations Come on all you Whites, fight the threat that is Red Come on all you Whites, fight the threat that is Red. Well I can take damn good guess.

The warrior is he, fighting for victory! Trying to figure out just what to do Wonder what the future holds for you Being in a cult is part of growing up today Drifting ’round the streets you’re living your life your own way In our hearts the lust for life is burning And in our hands, responsibility For we’re the ones who saw the evil being done We’re the ones who hunt for freedom’s deed.


Skrewdriver – EXCALIBUR :: Sasslantis

It was meant to be, Why worry? On the streets- Of our towns, on the streets- All around.

The release All Skrewed Up managed to give the group considerable underground success, and it’s been regarded since as an early punk classic. You’ll have nowhere, nowhere, nowhere left to hide Better leave here quickly, ‘for the people start to rise Nowhere, nowhere, nowhere left to hide You can stop the low waves ebbing, but not the raging tide. They reckoned every skinhead was a bad man Enough to make an honest man be sick And they filled the papers with this rubbish every day They never missed a dirty little trick, what did I say?


I stand watch my country, going down the drain, we are all at fault now, we are all to blame. Once upon a time there was a land called Rhodesia It earned its keep, and it ran itself, and never asked for charity Once again our government, sided with the deadly foe Now run by scum, it’s called Zimbabwe, and it’s as Red as it can go. As Uther died with Arthur’s reign beginning The nation’s dreams became reality The hopes the people had in the Round Table, at Camelot The power of the sword slayed enemies.

Yeah, the blue skies are above him Yeah, the white clouds are below The mountains are all passing As the north wind starts to blow.

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