Before installing or upgrading the driver, you must apply the Microsoft Storport update. The operating system manages and controls the driver installation process. The Storport driver initializes this member to TRUE , because its miniport drivers must support multiple requests issued to a logical unit at time. After you remove the device from your computer and restart your system, Windows recognizes that it has been removed. A miniport driver can reset this member to a lesser value if the HBA has more limited capabilities or to a greater value, indicating that the HBA has extended capabilities. Specifies the maximum number of logical units per target the HBA can control. For specific service packs SP and OS updates, refer to the descriptions where this software version is posted on the QLogic website http:

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Specifies the bus-relative vector returned by the HBA. The address type used between Storport and the miniport driver. The given size does not include any miniport driver-requested per-logical-unit storage. This allows the miniport driver to maintain knowledge about the state of the adapter between Plug and Play PnP stops and restarts, possibly enabling the miniport driver to optimize it’s initialization procedure.

System reserved features are supported. Miniports must not set this feature. Storport may fail to map the buffer under low system memory conditions. The Storport driver allocates memory for the access ranges mlniport initializes this member.


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The Storport driver will set this to a default value of Indicates the system DMA controller should be programmed for demand-mode rather than single-cycle operations. If miniprot HBA has more limited transfer support, a miniport driver must reset this member according to the HBA’s transfer capacity.

This documentation is archived and is not being maintained. The interrupt synchronization mode determines how the port driver synchronizes message signaled interrupts.

Storport Miniport Drivers

Send comments about this topic to Microsoft. Initialized by dc Storport driver, this member also serves as the structure version. Subsequent calls to HwStorFindAdapter and other miniport functions receive the device extension as last modified by the miniport driver. All rights reserved worldwide. To remove the driver in a Windows environment, uninstall it as a Plug and Play device as follows:.

The Storport driver initializes this member to TRUEbecause its miniport drivers must support multiple requests issued to a logical unit at time.

This value is based on the assumption that the HBA is able to receive bit addresses, regardless of what the controller can actually support. Typically, this value is bounded by the value set for MaximumNumberOfTargets. These read or write requests must always complete successfully. The Storport driver initializes this member and miniport drivers must not modify it. We appreciate your feedback.


Indicates the initiator bus ID. It can have one of the following values. The miniport driver must reset this member according to the storage adapter’s capability. Follow these steps to install the driver. Rather, Storport resets the device extension to zero only when it is first allocated, so only the first call to HwStorFindAdapter for a given adapter receives a zeroed-out device extension.

Contains a mask indicating the alignment restrictions for buffers required by the HBA for transfer operations. Specifies the number of buses controlled by the adapter. Miniport drivers that work with the Storport driver must not modify this value. Please feel free to contact your QLogic approved reseller or QLogic Technical Support at any phase of integration for assistance.

To ensure the driver functions properly, the dtorport installation script mihiport the QL2x The Storport driver initializes this member to TRUEbecause its miniport drivers must support auto-request sense. A value indicating the use of the miniport during dump mode.

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