Moves the cursor one space forward. The stylus functions like a mouse; generally, a tap is the same as a click. Page 4 The internal backup battery charges off the main battery pack and requires eight hours charge time to back up RAM data for 30 minutes. The mechanical connector on the bottom panel allows you to connect the Panther to a host workstation through a USB 1. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

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Tap to open the soft input panel onscreen keyboard. Then click Set Up.

Pages Images and files. You must charge both batteries to full capacity before using the Panther for the first time.

Reports Bibliography Report Select by: The keypad defaults to Numeric mode and switches between Alpha and Numeric modes easily. Function keys perform specific functions and usually display the name of the function they perform.

Follett Panther Getting Started With

To insert a battery pack, 1 place the end of the battery without the locking tab into the bottom of the charging pocket and 2 snap the battery into place with a hinging motion. If you have Destiny and a wireless network, the Panther’s customized browser communicates directly with Destiny, allowing you to perform real-time transactions. To allow your workstation and the Panther to communicate through a cable, you’ll need the correct cable and software.


Use of objects other than the stylus, such as paper clips, pencils, or ink pens, can damage the touch screen and will void the warranty. Item is used and mostly untested.

Also shop in Also shop in. To configure the Panther to communicate with your workstation, please follow the “Connect to ActiveSync using infrared” instructions in the ActiveSync Help on your workstation.

Hardware and Scanning Inventory

The stylus functions like a mouse; generally, a tap is the same as a click. Moves the cursor back one space and deletes each time you press the key.

Use of peripherals, cables, or power adapters from other manufacturers will void the warranty and may damage the Panther. You can still use the Blue modifier key for regular Blue Key combinations in Alpha mode.

It includes the following sections:. Panther to the power cable or insert the Panther into a HomeBase. Add to my manuals Add.

When your application has finished processing the file, make sure to review the exception report or job summary.

This Sidebar appears everywhere on your workspace. The Cowboys will now face Whitharral on Friday, March 4, at 2: The four hardware application buttons are programmed to launch software applications from the Desktop. The fields and options required by the association mode, encryption, and EAP methods appear in the Network Window after each is selected.


Folllett begin uploading the file, click Process.


Indicates that the USB communication cable is connected. Rachel’s Challenge – Rachel’s Challenge Archives. Your scanner should appear with a Connected status. Press the Red key once in combination with the next key.

When you connect the Panther to a communication peripheral, such as the Communication cable, the Panther automatically opens ActiveSync to establish a connection. However, the Panther automatically cold boots when you install a fully charged battery pack.

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Destiny You can upload Follett Remote data files from several pages in Destiny. On the next dialog, “What kind of items do you want to sync? If you are typing text, it moves the text one space forward as well.

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