This looks really good. The unit comes well-packaged not prone to transport damage and with screws and foam gaskets for fitting it in an enclosure. Don’t play them excessively loud, because they can’t. Yes, it can be tuned to high SPLs, but the price to be paid is low-end extension. Individual and summed response of drivers through crossover and response from inverting tweeter yellow. The sentimental bottom line: Perfect Pitch DIY projects.

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Fostex frequency response and impedance profile.

Fostex FE126En Fullrange Speaker Driver Transducer

Fe126eb speaker handles female vocals very well. As for the W11XT miniI have to warn that 64 square centimetres of membrane, do not – and should not – move a lot of air.

ES cone and center cap are adapted. Yes, foztex can be tuned to ramge SPLs, but the price to be paid is low-end extension. At least it seems we can agree on one thing: The unit is well-built and would seem to last for many years.

Subjectively it has a nice bass presentation, but it doesn’t go deep. Every sound-geek out there low or high budget should try and listen to a set of these. I have wanted to move to horn speakers due to their nerdiness, but if I was to hope for a woman in my life, I couldnt go all in with the size, which is why I chose the costex way. Perfect Pitch DIY projects. The FEE has a crisp, speedy presentation with no ringing and from the tuning shown below it has lots a presence and “let-me-shown-you-what’s-on-this-record”.


Do not forget to chamfer well around the FE driver hole. Fostex FEE fullrange drivers. The sentimental bottom line: They have a crisp and vivid presentation and there’s enough bass to get a good idea of what is happening in the lower end of the spectrum.

I purchased this speaker for the main reason, that there is a recommended enclosure described in the data sheet.

This new diaphragm material has the fine, supple and high density fiber, and its characteristics successfully improve the mid-high frequency reproduction.

FEEn – Fostex inch Full Range Speaker –

Documentation Data sheet Recommended Enclosure. Individual and summed response of drivers through crossover and response from inverting tweeter yellow.

However, placed on dostex bookshelf, some room gain is achieved a more balanced presentation is possible. This enclosure is quite compact, pretty easy to build and with it, speaker units sound beautiful. Well, from Fs to 5 kHz it really does look good, but the peak at 6.


Can be glued in place after fixing the crossover board to the side panel. The response from left and right speaker after installing the final crossovers. Product rating from customers 4.

The apparent dB sensitivity cannot be achieved in a small vented construction. No need to flush mount the Fostex driver contrary to the ribbon tweeter that certainly must be to perform optimally. It would be much too bright. Your cart contains no products.

Fostex FE126En 120mm 8 Ohm Full Range driver

No big surprises in the crossover layout. Frequency response again and port response blue. I think that one of the problems may fe126sn that these drivers actually are used fullrange.

A 80 x mm board will take all the components and fit into the rear part of the PE cabinets, that is if You will not be fostsx to host a bass-pumping techno party, but for playing anything between Linda Ronstadt, The Eagles, Toto, Tchaikovsky and Mozart in your living room, these will deliver.

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