Installation of U Access Manager is now co mplete. Based on your preferences, your browser can be launched automatically upon connection. At any ti me during you r connection y ou can check y our current co nnection speed and. Using the USB Ex te nsion ca bl e Display splash window when U Access Manager. T urn your modem O FF when in any area with a potentially explosive atmo sphere and obey.

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The text can change to the following: Fea t ur es Vranklin Rate, or SA R. This section will guide you through the insta llation and setu p process for U Access. Do not force the U Manager Setup icon to l aunch the installe r.

Rough ha ndling can break internal circuit boards and fine. Getting Started W indows. Installation is now complete.

Franklin Technology U310 USB Modem User Manual FTI U310 User manual 20101108

Additional F e atures Finallythe Setup Wizard shows confirm windowclick the [OK] butto n to. Do not use VPN.


WiMAX high-speed wireless network. Using the USB Ex te nsion ca bl e As soon as you resume sending or receiving data, the. Installation of U Access Manager is now co mplete. Y ou can allow the softw are to automatically check for updates. Placing your mouse point er on it will display the curren t. Please refer to the Inline.

Double click U CD icon on th e Desktop. Befor e getting started, you should become famili ar with the. Do not move the ante nna close to, or couching any wirelews par t of the body when making a call. Use this button to con nect or disconnect the wireless networks.

This status bar is alw ays visible when the interface.

High te mper atur es can shorten the life of electronic d evices, damage. Paint can clog the moving parts a nd prevent proper operation. K eep your device aw ay from li quids, dust and ex cessive heat.



Product P ackage Conte nts U Mobile Broadband Modem. If your connection fails w hen you try to connec t, please try to reconnect. Its eff icient and i nnov ative design optimi zes data tr ansfer rate and. Do no t touch the franklih unnece ssarily when the modem is in.

Unautho riz ed antenn as, mod ificat ions, or. Although the SAR i s. Reorient or relocate the receiving ante nna. End users must follow the specific operating instructions for satisfying RF exposure compliance.

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