Using the above procedure I mentioned, I could install my WG driver v2 from MS update, by separately downloading the driver on the win7 desktop not using Windows update which anyway didn’t install the driver. Then, you need to wait for the Internet modem to completely initialize. Everything went smoothly until I got to step from the instructions on the download page. Use a port right on the computer the first time. Message 2 of

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I do not have the software CD anymore. Hi forum members, Any help in this regard will be appreciated.

I hope this is not the case maybe someone can change my mind. I’m trying this now. Using the above procedure Neggear mentioned, I could install my WG driver v2 from MS update, by separately downloading the driver on the win7 desktop not using Windows update which anyway didn’t install the driver.

NETGEAR WG111v2 Free Driver Download (Official)

Now, although it’s installed, it’s not showing any wireless networks. No reboot is needed.

I haven’t tried the WGv2 with bit Windows 7, but it probably works fine, too. I even tried obscure third party drivers but to no avail. Message 5 of I then unplugged the adapter from the USB slot and commenced installation.

WG111v2 – G54 Wireless USB Adapter

I assumed that the installer was doing its job and after about 10 minutes the icon disappeared from the bottom of the screen. I scoured google for answers. I made sure to plug the adapter in just as step 13 asked and I saw the blue light and pressed next. Is this a conscious ploy to extort more money from costumers by forcing them to buy a new adapter or is windpws no driver testing? Wait for Windows to find and install drivers from Windows Update.


Subsequently you can plug it into a hub or active-repeater cable, but you’re probably better off not doing that the first time. I just upgraded my computer tree Windows 7 wb111v2 bit and wanted to use the WGv2 with my new computer.

Hi, typo correction from my last post – my Windows 7 is bit, not 64 bit. Community Home Community Browser: My guess is that he’s just selling a copy of the drivers that he downloaded from Windows Update. This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity. I thought that perhaps it was a fluke and some obscure error was preventing the installation.

But, the problem remains the same – no luck with the WG adapter on Win 7. If you successfully reboot your router, then your PC should automatically re-establish a connection with the Internet. The netgeqr disappeared and all that was left was the installation icon on the bottom of the screen.


NETGEAR WGv2 Free Driver Download (Official) for Windows Vista () –

You might need to temporarily connect it via Ethernet cable. I’m not at a stage where I could use my Wireless network using this adapter yet, as the driver isn’t identified on my computer. Now, I’ve tried the Netgear V2 driver available via this link above ” http: The installer metgear to the same point when it just froze or stopped working.

The Netgear site clearly states that it works with 64 bit windows 7! So I restarted the computer ran the installer again which uninstalled the old software.

The software seemed to install correctly. Make sure your Win7 computer has a working Internet connection. Why would something that works on Windows XP not work on Windows 7? I have been buying from Netgear a long time but I might have to wundows with this level of quality and clunky software.

When the drivers are installed, you can immediately use them to connect to a wireless access point.

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