Did the Futuredial driver solve your problem? Someone there suggested me to ask here instead, but now it got closed again. Future Technology Devices International Ltd. I’m not familiar with the kit you’re referring to but I have had no problems wit hthe vx I didn’t even have to install a driver for the vx Isn’t that a cellphone is actually a computer, with some operating system and managing its hardware? When the installation finishes, it asks you to plug in your phone.

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Futurefial using the futuredial driver – which I sue for all may handsets – that can be obtained for free from their website at http: The VX is working correctly.

If you fkturedial your question to include how to interface it with your computer ie, software to sync and download datait will be considered on topic include the operating system of your computer. This conflict can be handled by simply upgrading the driver, and in many cases by removing the new driver and then re-installing it anew.

I can’t even find a website to download the latest set of drivers to fix the problem.


Leave a Reply Name required Mail will not be published required Website. When the installation finishes, it asks you to plug in your phone. AppLoader acts super flakey with these drivers installed the COM ports are random, includes COM9, sometimes have garbage characters in there.

March 17th, at 7: Go to the Modems tab and click the Add… button. Legal Privacy Policy Sitemap.

Futuredial Usb To Serial Cable Com3 Driver Download

Tim 5, 45 According to their compatibility matrixit should work fine with your phone. I even did a Usb2sfrial search with everything uusb2serial the box listed and nothing came up.

I’ll check that out. I have also tried the verizon drivers and cable If you’re using 2. Let me understand this clearly, i have to split it into small small Bar files, right? Monday, February 27, 3: I have a charging cable.

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Home Questions Usb2seriall Users Unanswered. Hello everyone, I have kind of the same problem. The protocols for contact transfer on these older phones are completely proprietary and likely unique to each manufacturer and that’s where reverse engineering projects like BitPim are needed.

I can’t remember if BitPim supports the M but if you can get fuyuredial Futuredial cable for it, you can use it with BitPim. But I can’t get the apploader to see the VX Post as a guest Name.


Did anyone find out an answer to this one? Right click on any of them and click Save. Has anyone experienced this before? Other products and brand names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

To connect your phone to your computer, you can either use Bluetooth or a data cable. I was wondering 1 what kind of data cable is that?

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What version of AppLoader are you using? Coming soon — or new driver information forum Glad it finally worked out, man. I thought may be its because of the watch dog, as i think its 30 sec timeout, so the next time when i did the copying, i kept the device busy by passing some random key strokes and selecting random menus.

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