Monday, February 27, 8: On our computer, it shows up as COM4. What is it called? Deleting pictures should be done from within the phone. I’m having the same problem. One of the ones I had installed already did the job The delete capability in BitPim does not seem to work.

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However, in most instances on older feature phones, including the M if I’m not mistaken, when you connect it to the PC, you aren’t given access to anything like a mass-storage mode, or anything that would usb2zerial sense to snag contacts, but either a USB-to-serial interface where you are expected to send Usb2seril commands like an external modem or a proprietary diagnostic mode meant for firmware upgrades.

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Leave a Fuuturedial Name required Mail will not be published required Website. HI people, Looks like I’m digging this post again: After it extracts, be sure to run the Setup.

So rounding all this! Many thanks for the wonderfully clear instructions. The VX supports jpeg images, which tend to be smaller than the corresponding bitmap.

I’ll add that information to my answer. Duyahn Original Message From: For example, if your digit phone futuredlal isthe username should be vzw3g. Range of USB converter cables offering a range of connectivity options. It seems that when I change synthesizer’s with Window eyes running, and RSGames, my hole computer crashes.


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FutureDial USB -to-Serial Cable (COM19) – driver download software [FOUND ]

I will relay some of my experience as a cellular retail service technician here. Select the new modem and click on Properties. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Other instructions on the Internet say that you need to erase all pictures through the phone and then upload a picture futufedial is an 8-bit indexed bitmap image through BitPim by navigating through the filesystem hsb2serial, and then resetting the phone, but we think uab2serial instructions are out of date.

The dolts at Verizon were either unwilling or unable to transfer the pictures off this phone. I’m not familiar with the kit you’re referring to but I have had no problems wit hthe vx Can I do manual setup not understanding which partition is applicable?

FutureDial USB-to-Serial Cable Free Driver Download (Official)

I tried uninstalling the other LG drivers beforehand and that didn’t help. If you want to go the Bluetooth route, you can your laptop’s internal Bluetooth card if it has one, or any USB Bluetooth dongle that Ubuntu supports.


AppLoader acts super flakey with these drivers installed the COM ports are random, includes COM9, futkredial have garbage characters in there.

Update a driver for hardware that isn’t working properly PostScript printer drivers: Deleting pictures should be done from within the phone. How can I get the data out of my cellphone, hardware wise?

LG VX Frequently Asked Questions

I have also tried the verizon drivers and cable Paris Brentonooq05 The VX is working futureedial. I have the information as follows.

With BitPim Version 0. The delete capability in BitPim does not seem to work. My cellphone plan doesn’t have internet access, so I am guessing a data cable from cellphone to computer, but there seems no port on the cellphone.

Hello everyone, I have kind of the same problem.

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