In the absence of a direct connection, this is more than adequate. I’ve just done it and managed to get my Garmin etrex h to work on my laptop for the first time I’m quite chuffed. Select Auto from the drop down menu. I think it can be concluded that the problem is originating from my own PC at home. Question whether the garmin software does detect your device or not, at all. Close your browser then run the file called CommunicatorPlugin 3. Alternatively you can search for a solution here:

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OMN is very impressive and it can be used offline with the iPhone.

Just make sure you change the port from within the GPS software you are using. Check out this thread. Adhesive ettex for dashboard mounting kit to use it in a second vehicle.

Modernizing your Garmin serial interface

Does anyone use the Garmin eTrex basic yellow? This process can be used in reverse to save tracklogs and call them up on your mapping software.

The fact that device manager does not etfex the garmin is logical i think, it sees the converter which, seen from the hardware, gives the signals. Right-click My Computer 3. Waypoint Route Travelled path Track Current scale. Ivo, In line with your comments, I downloaded both Mapsource and Basecamp.


I had etrsx installed the Communicator Plugin, but this made no difference. Name of next waypoint Distance to next waypoint Estimated remaining time until arrival at next waypoint Direction to next waypoint Current speed.

I think you need the communicator plugin http: Add reviews of outdoor gear and equipment here Click the Processes tab.

If it is properly installed however MapSource does not recognize the unit you may need to configure MapSource to correctly see the GPS unit. Usn try the communication again.

Garmin eTrex H – hey presto

This may take a few minutes. My PC is made by Hewlett-Packard. Draw simple routes gamin a few waypoints joined with straight lines. When purchasing any hardware for your computer please make sure that it had the proper drivers for your Operating System especially when it is a 64 bit version.

Please follow these steps: The three devices work in synchronism. Callum Srial Hero Member Posts: I use seriall with Quo software think it’s free without mapsand Windows Vista. Alternatively you can search for a solution here: Retry transferring data with your GPS unit. Can anybody suggest a fix? You only pay a subscription for the maps.


The USB to Com converter does what is does, it converts the type of connection to the PC, actuall that part of hardware seems to work fine. One way to shut down unnecessary programs on your computer is with the Task Manager. If you have garjin serial port on your computer and the USB to Serial Converter cable attempt has failed, there may be another solution.

Hi Simon, first off, the remark on the com settingsI think you need to explore that first. I also called Garmin and explained the situation in detail. Do you have access to another PC to test the setup?

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