Originally Posted by dan A very good tutorial Magnius, great! Originally Posted by gogojjtech Ipatix, where did you get your instrument samples for the DP on Emerald? Each row of that panel is like a miniature piece of sheet music, showing the music notes in each channel. Find threads started by totodile Send a private message to Le pug. The file you are saving contains the track data for the song.

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Send a private message to ShinypikachuX.

Fire Emblem Shrine :: Music Editors

January 6th, 2: May 27th, 8: I recommend backing up your ROM before changing the pointers. As opposed to this tutorial which, though terrible, is a lot faster and you know in advance that you’ll get something out of it.

May 21st, 9: Hello, I’m gogojjtech and I’m here to make this tut on behalf of the community. Attack – Attack determines the time it takes for the note to get to the maximum level.

Originally Posted by gogojjtech Ipatix, where did you get your instrument samples for the DP on Emerald? Even I gave up with my efforts when my first MIDI masterpiece that I rewritten from someone’s notes – took 2 hours – gbw up.


The number of songs you can add is limited by the amount of free space to store song data in. Now open up your emulator, open up the rom you wappy modified and you’ll see that the song works in game.

June 10th, 1: That’s why I had you extend them earlier. Worked perfectly for one song of mine because I found a stock voice group that xappy however, in a second, more complicated song, I had to create a new voice group, and all 5 tracks work except for the third, which no matter which voice I use turns out all weird in the game.

The instrument definitions work all the same but know the “0x3C” byte bba second byte is used in this case and defines at which MIDI-key-pitch the sppecified drum should be played at.

No Mother 1+2 Sound & Music Editor Available « PK Hack « Forum «

Send a private message to clonex After that are pointers to each track. Take this as a music-hacking-newbie’s attempt at consolidating several inconsistent, outdated, and hard-to-find resources into one easily-accessible thread.

Tomato said that this tool works, but only for the Mother 2 portion, and not Mother 1. It apparently sapyp received some other enhancements as well.


The B2 acts like a musical “goto” statement, and the pointer after it is supposed to point back to the start of the track.

To test it, use Sappy to open the ROM with the repointed song table.


Choose Track 10, and keep the checkbox checked. Adding Songs to FireRed: This is not the usual paste-write, it is a paste-insert. Sorry that I have to repeat myself. Would Lavender Town have been as memorable without its somber, bereaved melodies? Find threads started by ipatix. You’ll notice that the song has 13 tracks. I have some experiences with music sa;py, but still, a newbie should find this useful.

The time now is 3: January 14th, 5: Find all posts by bwburke January 20th, 3: You’ll need to find a song in Sappy that uses that voicegroup.

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