Else the first round of optimisation will run into unsolvable trouble. With results like these, it’s clear PHD Guiding has helped a lot of amateurs enjoy the hobby more and take better shots. Usually it is not necessary to create the full-size image, but only the horizon range, in this high resolution. Option Option Parameter Description –help or -h [none] Print a quick command line help message, and exit. Search for a city where you live using the search edit box at the top right of the window, and select the right city from the list.

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If your skyculture is not a variant of the generally known Western skyculture, please include an English translation to the name given in the native language. Gc-hsb-nfocus ground texture can be a different resolution than the side textures. Zoom in a little using the Page key, and back out again using the Page.

With a little luck you will now be looking at the night sky. At the same time adcom Simbad online catalogue was added to the search feature, making the catalog somewhat redundant and used now only as a first search point or if there is no internet connection.

Avoid dimensions larger thanthey are not supported on all systems.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

The observatory lab had some old scopes set up at one end, pointing at a photograph of Saturn at the other end of the lab. Stellarium requires Mesa 17 or later. A new open-source OpenGL driver stack has been made available recently, but as of October the default Raspbian operating system comes gc-usb-nfocys an outdated version.


Screen shot of nebula images displayed in Stellarium Figure 8. See table for gc-usb-ngocus full list: One Stellarium instance can either run in the server mode or connect to an existing server as a client.

Focuser Drivers

You only need to follow the instructions on first boot, libdrm and Mesa. Ensure that the name matches the textures. Note that when you enable compass marks, the cardinal points will be turned off.

These abbreviations are used as keys in the other files, so they must be unique within your skyculture. Empty black panels can be omitted. This has the same content as you can see on the console on Linux when you start Stellarium on the command line.

You can choose to show objects which are up between midnight and dawn in the morning gc-usb-nfocud, around midnight, or any time between dusk and dawn any time tonight using the combobox near the top of the window.

Double- clicking sets the respective date and brings the object to focus. Dynamic gc-usbb-nfocus adaptation When enabled this feature reduces the brightness of faint objects when a bright object is in the field of view.


Object Catalog Plugins Just delete that key. An archive of all available versions is available at https: Will turn off movement check and alert user but operate just fine. A record relates an extended object catalogue number from catalog. Use buttons background Applies a gray background under the buttons on the bottom bar.

In rare cases some images asco be linked to others, you will have to manually add or edit feature points in those cases. Sometimes you have to try several times gc-usb-nfovus get a valid 3D fix including altitude.

A few important commands: Just select your star and hit “PHD Guide” and let the software take care of it. Most important are good matches along the horizon, the images in the lower rows are clearly less important. Can be used to define the exact position of the horizon. Notice how the stars move across the sky. Optimisation can only reach perfect results if you did not move between exposures. Next you will need to crop the picture, setting the main feature at the centre and making the cropped size a factor of 2n eg.

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