If I can’t use the G, I might just keep doing what I’m doing now, which is copying the recordings on a thumb drive and playing them back on a laptop. Almost needless to say, if anyone else has some insight into the unresolved aspects of my question, the floor is still open! Can I get away with using the G? Paul, thanks for that. Message 7 of 8. Feature requires supported video software.

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NVIDIA GeForce G mb | eBay

All I know is that there is a little plastic connector plugged in to the card with an attached cable that branches out into two leads which are supposed to be attached to SPDIF posts on the motherboard for HDMI sound.

You’re very welcome, Grant.

I don’t know why not, since the sound is recorded with the picture by the tuner card. Message 2 of 8.

GeForce 100 series

I think you’ve given me enough information that I will try the G and see gfforce happens. I don’t thinks there’s any problem with it fitting as both cards are PCI-E x Features may vary by product. If the cables are not compatible with this motherboard too short, or something and I can’t use them, does that just mean that I can’t send an audio signal through an HDMI cable but can output audio through the “regular” audio ports provided on the computer?


Glad to have been of assistance. So in other words, that card doesn’t have a separate HDMI audio chip on the graphics card board itself? It should play through the regular outputs as it has up to now — unless connecting the HDMI somehow disables sound output from those other outputs, which makes little sense to me.

My only intent is to display recorded HD TV broadcasts on the devices previously mentioned. Can I get away with using the G? Feature requires supported video software. I think that this card was provided originally for Acer desktops has Acer sticker on the back.

All of my graphics cards with HDMI have audio chips on the card. Message 8 of 8. If I can’t find anything, or the cable won’t reach, then might a good time to post to the GeForce forums to find out if people think that Gsforce can get sound from the other sound outputs provided on the computer. Message 5 of 8.

Message 3 of 8. I have the same question. SLI requires sufficient system cooling and a compatible power supply. Paul, as always, a pleasure! Unfortunately, I wouldn’t know b100 the motherboard inputs are for the audio cables. I’ve seen some general recommdations as to what to look for on a motherboard to identify SPDIF posts, so as you say, I’ll probably just have to take a look. Message 1 of 8. Massively geforde architecture supports thousands of independent, simultaneous threads, providing extreme processing efficiency in advanced, next generation shader programs.


The video card that it came with Gefkrce LE has stopped working and I need some opinions on whether Gedorce can get by using another video card that I have sitting around. If the G is anywhere near the ball park I can’t see it making that huge a difference. I do not play games on this machine or do video editing. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Message 7 of 8. Here are the specs for the G card and it has a max power draw of 35W. Paul, thanks for that.

If it makes any difference to the answer of my question, I’ll crank it up and get the particulars b100 the processor. One can always seem to get a prompt reply form your desk! Message 4 of 8.

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