Introduction to Selenium WebDriver aaab. The following are deemed to be “boolean” attributes, and will return either “true” or null: Locating different elements using a single CSS path aadm. For more details check this post. Already have edureka account? If you want to get the any attribute value from above html tag you have to pass attribute value in getAttribute method Syntax: Using getTitle to retrieve the title of the page aaga.

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Suppose there is HTML tag like. You will understand the reason. Using getText to retrieve any elements Text aabi.

Email me at this address if my answer is selected or commented on: Using gettext method for the specific element using Selenium WebDriver asked Apr 10 in Selenium by xyz 1, points selenium selenium-webdriver java. The innerText of this element. Using getAttribute “value” method with Password field aafl.

Using getFirstSelectedOption with drop down field to retrieve the label text of the list option that is currently selected aafo. Using click for clicking a link aafj. I know that both are used to get the WebElement value in between tags? All About getText method: Using isEnabled to find out whether the text box field is in enabled state or disabled on aaes. Only one test should be written inside a single test method aabv.


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Value of classValue attribute: Using sendKeys command to browser a file aafh. Introduction to XPath aaca.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Email me if a comment is added after mine Privacy: A web developer defines attribute and properties to a web element to add extra meaning to it. I will explain in different post to retrieve attribute value using javaScript. Search Value of autocomplete attribute: Get my posts in your inbox. You could google the two and read the docs that explain what the difference is.

Upgrading Selenium WebDriver aaby. Practice CSS Path aadu. So first you need to locate a web element and then you need to call getAttribute method on it by specifying attribute for which value you require.

SeleniumTwo: Using getAttribute(“value”) method for retrieving text from the text fields

Downloading the Selenium WebDriver aaac. Identifying few sample real time tests for implementing the Refactoring concept aabt. Send us an email at support edureka. Using getAttribute “value” method for retrieving text from the text fields.


Post as a guest Name. If you need to do something more precise, e.

More exactly, this method will return the value of the given attribute, unless that attribute is not present, in which case the value selenoum the property with the same name is returned for example for the “value” property of a textarea element.

Using isEnabled to find out whether the button is enabled aaer. Email me if a comment is added after mine. Using size to retrieve the count of list options available in the drop down field aafw. Using getFirstSelectedOption with Multi-Selection Box field to retrieve the label text of the option that is selected first in the field aafp.

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