A total of 38 grams are included: I used the Ghost for about a week and I used it on several different machines: And if the gamer in you needs to frag like there is no tomorrow in your favorite FPS, then it gets no better than the DPI. I think I will go with the 20 dollar cheaper OCZ Behemoth rather than this, though I might recommend it to people with a bit smaller hands not like a 6 10 cro magnon? This is where are the configuration is done. He we have two options:

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Of course, there were a couple of motherboards and video cards in the box but our attention was naturally drawn to the new shiny trinket in the tricked out package.

Gigabyte GM-M8000 Gaming Mouse

You can also see the opening for m000 weight system to let you fine tune the feel of your hand-held-rodent. The front has a large enough window to allow a person to get their mitts on the top of the mouse. A company would have problems selling a mouse without a window to showcase it in the retail packaging. At the top of the mouse is the scroll wheel.

The first setting I tried the game and the mouse with was DPI this was far too fast for me as I often over shot my target. It is equipped with the highest performance laser engine in the world: Gigabyte did a good job with the Ghost in this regard. Honestly, I had no idea that Gigabyte even offered mice but after checking out their PC peripheral page, I was impressed with the range of products offered.


Gigabyte GM-M8000 Mouse – A GHOST Story

This squeaker sports a huge number of features and neat tricks to compete with the top gaming mice on the market. For the gamer I am sure many of you will love what the M has to offer. Recommendations for Purchase of New Laptop! The Mouse, The Results There are several adjustments that can be made on-the-fly prior to assigning macros with the included software.

Our website is supported by our sponsors with advertisements that use Javascript to rotate the banners. The length of the J8000 measures a hair short of five inches which is m80000 shorter than my usual mouse which is a Logitech G5 on my notebook. The GM-M does not come with a gmm of accessories. Testing I used the Ghost for about a week and I used it on several different machines: Tm just back and forth, but left to right.

A novel DPI selection switch nestles beneath the scroll wheel on this mouse, giving you the option of flicking it up and down to cycle through the DPI settings. The back has some basic features of the Ghost listed and folds out to give great details about the gn. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website.


Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website.

This is where are the configuration is done. The M from the top has the look of a well-built mouse. They have dabbled in many different PC components over the years: On my desktop I gj elected to use the setting but on my laptop, I slowed it down to and I felt right at home.

The results were surprising considering our experiences with the Logitech programs. J8000 using the mouse on my server, test bench and home theatre really isn’t a real test for mouse usage. Everyone is different when it comes to adding in the additional grams to the Ghost.

Gigabyte GM-M Mouse – A GHOST Story

Next to the last screen, you can assign the speed of the scrollwheel. Once you insert the CD that accompanies the M, you are greeted by the Installation screen. Software Features Gigabyte ships version 1. The scroll wheel button has bytes of assigned memory that equates to around 96 script n8000.

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