Have any comments about this review? Some of these have seen production others have fallen by the wayside. Looking at the images to the right you can see that most of the GPS receiver is not electronic wizardry, but is actually the battery. Half way up the image there is a green zigzag. It will slip right into your shirt pocket and you wont realise that it is there. Even in this position the GPS receiver was still able to pull in signals from 7 satellites and provide more than adequate positioning data to navigate by. Are you a developer?

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Globalsat BT Bluetooth GPS

One of the features that a lot of people ask for bt-3599 a receiver that will remain powered and active when installed permanently in a car. I have also tested a wide range of software applications and not found one gast failed to gat the GPS receiver correctly. The wave design is on multi levels giving the graphics a slightly blurred or shadow effect. This is the type of device that youngsters would like to have to complement their trendy mobile phones.

Both of the devices are the same width, but the BT is almost half the depth of the BT Read on and find out I use tom tom mk2, works well with bluetooth gps app, and wireless tether app from your phone, vegan gb 7 only works with google maps 5.

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GlobalSat have made a stylish, well designed GPS receiver, gsqt is still packed full of features. Have any comments about this review? Make sure the arduino and Gwat share ground, ie connect the arduino ground to the -ve battery terminal sorry for the impending screen rape by this huge pic.

Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution for Android. It didn’t come with a charger, but I’ve had no problems with the unit charging over USB.

GlobalSat BT Bluetooth GPS Receiver – Roadshow

Is there a ceramic antenna? If this all would be possible it would be great since the gps module only costs about? There seems to be no significant lag with the GPS so you show up where you actually are. This is because there is a huge skyscraper there and the GPS was trying to decipher lots of “multi-path” data.

It looks good in real life but is quite difficult to photograph. Indeed if you have a coated windscreen you will need to position the GPS in the rear window to obtain satellite reception. To get the GPS data, you can connect a bluetooth-to-serial module, if you have, to Arduino.

Once paired it is simply a matter of selecting the correct serial port in your navigation application and you will be ready to navigate. I’m running BackCountry Navigator and Copilot for road navigation.

One tsat of note is the GPS has some heft to it. I balanced the GPS on my dash to take this photo and forgot to reposition it in the corner of the screen where it normally sits. GlobalSat quote it as 11 hours continuous usage. I was wondering if it where possible to disasemble a Globalsat BT Bluetooth GPS, wich uses a bluetooth module to send its gps strings trough the bluetooth protocal SPP serial dataand read the gps string with the arduino.


This setup makes for a flexible powering solution. However I can get the serial monitor started, then start bluetooth and use, say, GooPs which then stuffs your location into google earth to read the nmea over bluetooth, like the device was intended in the first place lawl.

GlobalSat BT-359 Bluetooth GPS Receiver

I’ve had one of these units for about a month and a half. Do you know what’s under the metalic boxes I see on this picture you took? Btt-359 I finally found the baud and testpoint after lots of noobish trial and error, so here’s for the benefit of the community: GlobalSat have done it again with the new generation Bluetooth GPS receivers, more functionality, smaller size, and now they look good too The BT handled this better than the Vt-359 as you would expect.

Not sure where to go from here. The route walked was exactly the same, but the BT was somewhat more accurate I was walking tb-359 the left side of the street.

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