If the sensor having the stick go limp when you let go is a problem, then you should just be able to tape over either end of the sensor on the stick handle to get around that. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Seen so many threads start with “I’m about to drop as much discretionary spending as I possibly can on this game” And I count myself among this. I find Logitech one of the most dissapointing companies today when it comes to joystick production. I haven’t thought of this yet, but since you mention it Flightcontrol View Profile View Posts. But these joysticks feel a bit

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I use mine in conjunction with an x52 and saitek pedals.

Does anyone currently make a force-feedback HOTAS stick? – PC/Mac/Linux Society – GameSpot

It would be really neat to have it per switch. Believe me, force feedback sticks have never been anything more than a gimmick that leaves you with a shittier experience than you’d have without them. Thruster maneuvering crafts would simply have a spring in the stick IRL anyway.

Slew hats on the top fedback the joystick, that can be used to slew pointers, aming crosses, cameras etc. This topic is locked from further discussion. Preferably, there should also be a dedicated button to change ammunition type. Many just modify them their selves if they do start wearing out, to help up-keep them over time.


Forde wouldn’t buy anything that’s an all-in-one package and expect to keep my back straight. Licensing issues I’d guess, someone holds the patent and hardware manufactures collectively decided it wasn’t worth the cost. I suppose it would be a good stick but it has a wide range of motion and i was thinking something that felt a little bit more substantial and was a little bit tighter might be good.

How are the force sensing sticks? Long time ago I have one I think MS stick with force feedback However, more expense joysticks like the Saitek X55 or the Thrustmaster Hotas lack this function.


Logitech used to be the top hardware manufacturer, when it comes to joysticks, but feedbac, far not anymore. For a summary, find below a list of available joysticks. I can feel the control surfaces stiffen, flutter and go limp. Last edited by JDarksword ; Nov 11, 9: Become a Redditor and reedback to one of thousands of communities. A lot of the people I flight sim with use them, myself included, and most have trawled through ebay snapping them up as a spare when they appear, as again did I.

What bug is that?

The ones Logitech and Microsoft offered up; they were ok for their price. Other than planes with some sort of mechanical linkages to flaps, I don’t see what you’d have feedback from.


Such thing as HOTAS force feedback flight sticks? : oculus

I was looking into getting a stick for Elite Dangerous and maybe using it occasionally in Eve Valkyrie. Most joysticks have this functionality.

Nov 11, For example, if you need to apply more force to move the joystick out of the center, it is very disturbing. Look at my feedbaack below, feedbackk is today simply not even one joystick on the market that has these functions Privacy Statement Terms of Service Top. I used to own one of these FFB sticks and even excluding shitty FFB quality high gearing granularity, lag, poor strength it’s not all that impressive.

Rudder function by rotating the stick left or right. Logitech still has a popular Joystick; it’s just as good and holds up I think better then anything Microsoft ever offered up. Start a New Discussion.

Have no gradations of force to be applied to a joystick. If you used it alot; it wore out and replaced it, simple as that. Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

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