You’ve got to apply the power correctly though, which is where the OptiFit comes in. Search the dictionary Search Chinese-Tools. But a lot of it is just the same old stuff hidden behind cool new graphics. Callaway Big Bertha 5W Hybrid: Originally Posted by TripleBogieTim. Several functions may not work.

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This was a lot better. Changing the setting the club to open will decrease the loft by one degree and conversely, closing the club adjuzt will add a degree of loft. Am waiting for the Callaway van to come through town again to get fitted for a 3 wood shaft as well.

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. It says that is neutral, and then if you want to have a draw bias with the weights you just put the 12g in the heel and 2g t the toe.

Callaway Introduces RAZR Fit Driver (Bag Drop) – The Sand Trap

Your RAZR Fit Driver is also preset with the weight screws in the Neutral position 12 gram weight xdjust the toe, 2 gram weight in the heel. But having read all the science, and knowing that the material was produced in collaboration with Lamborghini which used it to create their concept car ‘Sesto Elemento’, I do feel I’m hitting a driver with a huge potential for power.

Equipment 2 weeks ago.

Published 21 hours ago on Dec 28, The Morgan Hod woods. When I wanted to hit a straight shot or draw I had to mentally focus on really getting the club turned more, but it worked perfectly when I tried.


Raazr with the driver, custom shafts are available in the fairway woods. I’m not the equipment geek I used to be, so no longer spend hours on the range or in the ‘backshop’ tinkering with the loft and lie of my driver.

I am one of the guys on Two Guys Talkin Golf.

Admust was a bit surprised to see that I am now gettin a higher launch angle with less back spin more carry using the Razr Fit. This is a temporary situation.

Callaway RAZR Fit Driver Review

In the Datrek Assault Cart Bag: Published 3 days ago on Dec 26, Golfers can raazr in their ideal settings and hit drives with distance and accuracy like never before. Indecisive would mean I haven’t chosen!

You should listen to us. Ho the driver is very easy to shape either way aswell. The reduction in drag will lead to higher impact speeds and thus more distance. Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play.

Callaway RAZR Fit Driver – Page 74

E-mail required, but will not display. The problem for most consumers though, is that their swings are so inconsistent they may get very different results on consecutive days with the same club settings, but similar results with different settings. Overall this is a great driver that is easy to hit and enjoyable to hit. But in an age when driver technology has gone as far as the Rules will allow, every genuine distance increase is a considerable achievement.


It showed on the course as well. In fact I’ve not felt so confident of hitting the fairway since trying the square-head Nike Machspeed Black nearly two years ago.

Setting up a RAZR Fit

Well an awesome box arrived at the coolbreeze household when I got home from work and the video is uploading now, but some pics I think are necessary to appreciate the awesomeness that is the Razr FIT driver and 3 wood.

Even though the adjustability of the RAZR fit is somewhat limited when compared to others, this club has other things going for it which cannot be found on other drivers. All’s Fair in Major Championships?

In my infinite wisdom decided that I liked the ball flight so much that I would buy the same shaft with the same style head with 7. We were among the first to test the Callaway RAZR Fit driver and we were very impressed as the sound and feel are excellent.

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