Counterfeit Scotty Cameron Head Cover. Has anyone ever seen a fake left handed club? They explained that they would refund my order themselves and take my dispute up with the Chinese vendor on my behalf. What questions should I ask? For example, there is a rapidly spreading video fragment , titled [trans.

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Golf Club Brokers has been selling on eBay since with a I purchased a set of xs for Someone on a 20 handicap, no; someone on a 12 handicap, no; someone on a 4 handiap, no. My co-worker bought from buyinggolfonline. Some of them said, that is fake brand of golf set. He does have a great seller rating.

Here is their reply:. I consider these to be authentic. Since this has become such a problem we thought it would be odentify good idea to help you know what you are getting when you purchase something online.

When you receive the bag, please open, deposit a large sum of cash and one of our representatives will meet you outside the mall cark park at precisely seven minutes before midnight on Tuesday week. Are you implying that all Adams clubs are genuine? I checked out on idetnify website and not see where it come from.


These site also offer Lefty clubs and assured me that all their clubs have serial numbers and will checkout with Titleist. I think this thread has caused as much hysteria as information. While some clubs have amazing deals, others are not.

Complete Guide to Identify Counterfeit Golf Clubs

They have 75k sales, so is this just OEM mass production prices? Sorry for the inconvenience. If you read it with a Chinese accent, all will become abundantly clear.

Feel ease to buy from Empire Golf. Fakw your money n spend the extra 70bucks. We have two bags — the other was bought in the USA from a shop, thus they are both similar.

Can anyone comfirm this? First of all, if you are watching a YouTube window plug-in on some site, go to YouTube itself, in order to gather more information on the video do this by clicking on the YouTube logo in the bottom right-hand corner.

I fkae received a callaway razor fit driver from jacks golf.

Is someone selling you a genuine OPPO Smart Phone? Here’s how to check

All of them show Chicago. The first is whether the image is original, or if has been subject to photo-editing software. Do not buy golf equipment at http: I just had an experience with http: Has anyone bought clubs on the website idenyify. Lucky I did the research on this.


We have no retail outlet and offer online service only. Also, you said they are shipping from China.

Think You Bought A Fake Oppo Phone? Here’s How to Check

That can also help you in choosing best golf travel bag. Stay away from golfsaletime.

Please do your research next time. I just recieved a Scotty Camaron putter from them and compaired it to my own, seems okay the weight is good it sits behind the ball well, checked on the Scotty Camaron wedsite and is identical to the ones on screen, so if it idenyify fake then its flipping good.

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