I would recommend you to use latest kernel like 2. With your TV tuner card installed and Linux booted, load the module that corresponds with your tuner card as root. The ideology is that keypress is passed to X server and needs to be processed as a usual keypress. Then you need to check that drivers are loaded properly. Is the card installed when you run setup? Install a TV Tuner.

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There are many programs that work with radio. In second case, you will have to load the module on boot each time can be automatedin first case you have to do nothing. However a driver for your tv inztall is included in the linux kernel sources, so it is quite possible that the redhat-compiled kernel also includes the driver as a kernel module.

Drivers for saa7134 Tv card

Installing new device should be as easy as cutting cake. Just download latest version from http: Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, and more. Similar Threads TV card drivers.

You can run the command to find your actual layout. Remember me Saaa7134 your password?

Web Vulnerability Scanner Free Download. Once you make sure the driver is installed and loaded, you will be able to access your card from any application and there are quite a few available! Post as a guest Name.


In any case don’t let the number of the available components scare you, most are either hardware-specific or offer optional additional features that you’ll know when you need them.

Sometimes there are unresolved symbols.

Download and install Philips Semiconductors SAA7134 TV Card driver

In your dmesg output, you should see quite a bit of output related to that module being installed:. Index Recent Topics Search.

Then you should run make install command from root. If your reception is bad you may try to remove signal detection. Another very often problem is missed sound. For tv watching I prefer tvtime. To create workaround, you probably need to setup xkb to make it generate real keycodes from scancodes that X server istall.

The saa driver — The Linux Kernel documentation

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy insall cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. I would recommend you to use latest kernel like 2.

You can test sound with headphones directly connected to tuner card. I have downloaded the driver, but it do not work. If you’d like to get sound directly off the card DMA transferload either the saaalsa or the saaoss module separately. Or may be as i am newbie in linux, i am finding it difficult.


Well i guess this will be a long post.

Drivers for saa Tv card | PC Review

Is the card installed when you run setup If yes another option then would be to go to device manage and try t install or update the driver by pointing to your set of install files. This page was last modified hoq 11 Juneat Can anyone explain how to install the driver, there is no instruktion in yhe driver file.

The lspci command can give you a clue about which card you have. TV Tuner in saa134 saa The you need to include in user session small program irexec -d user-space daemon that will run actual commands and create a config file.

You can try to use it without lirc with usual keybindings. Then you need to check that drivers are loaded properly.

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