Message 2 of Message 9 of This is on the B, right? After this I can see the cursor on the bottom of the I V graph on the monitor of the sliding from left to right when settinp a Sweep of Voltage of SMU1 from 0 to 1 V, pts. The default error message for error 6 indicates an abort in the GPIB communication. I have no experience with LAbView so far.

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HP B Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer – Page 2 – HxC Floppy Drive Emulator

At the same time I get an error on the monitor of D00 Here should be what you are looking for. I looked on the manual for this error and I cound not find it.

A small update on the setup definition I use: Message 1 of Did you try other commands which take a longer time to execute? Thanks for the feedback. I look forward to your feedback! Message 3 of This would suggest me that there is communication through the GPIB. Now I can see the measured data on the monitor of the HPB.


Message 8 of I can now input data from Labview to HP I am new to the forum and also new to LabView.

However I get this error and nothing is showing up not on the equipment neither in the VI interface in LabView. The only input commands I did were to set up teh channel definition and source setup. I will keep you posted with the outcome. I would like to know if there is any VI available for 2 terminal devices in this case on wafer diodes so that I can control directly the equipment from LabView and be able to read out the measured data directly from the HP via LabView?

Message 4 of The VI instrument driver works. Message 5 of The default lzbview message for error 6 indicates an abort in the GPIB communication.

I will write Keysight, even though this product I believe to be discontinued, maybe lavview can offer me some support. Do you have any experience with this? Norbert Norbert CEO: I think there should be somewhere in the block diagrams of the HP B Example.

It recognises the equipment by setting it to the default GPIB address Message 6 of Such error can occur if configuration of GPIB is not correct e. After detailing a bit more the process do you still think there might be a connection drop out between the GPIB interface and HP? Will keep you updated if it works. What exactly is stopping us from hp1445b this?


Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies hp4145 Analyzer

Moreover I cannot see the trace of the sweep I expected a trace of 10 MA constant current and voltage ranging from 0 to 1 Hp4145h not on the monitor of neither on the graph plot of the LabView VI interface. During this time the multimeter labviww is connected to SMU1 output of the equipment register the voltage value.

Message 10 of Next step I have tried before preparing the probestation was to set for one of the SMUs SMU1 a voltage value and measure the set value using a multimeter.

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