I then removed the lun on the san, and sr-probe still finds the “old” lun. I talked to HP. The connections are like this if i remember correctly. I check my other lun, and it says “2 of 2 paths active”. Once done, please reboot the server and repeat your tests. Kernel driver in use:

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Not sure what causes these messages. Andrew, indeed not a simple situation.

FC1142SR 4GB HBA Card for HP AE311A

Andrew, any update from HP on this issue? Just my 2 cents to add a little confusion.

Unfortunately I am already hosting live servers on local disks, so I dont have as much flexibility to test no reboots. Therefore, if possible, would hpxe311a be able to disconnect HBA 1 from the fabrics and ensure that only 1 path to the data exists from HBA 0? Not the right answer, but we have deadlines to get some stuff set up.

We had somewhat similar issues at a customer with XenServer 4. If you do see discrepancies allow a short time for the HBA to pick up the changes. When i probed, it still had the old one, MB.


LUN is added successfully as new SR.

It doesn’t look like this fixed anything. I rebooted again, and did another sr-probe, and it found it. Posted January 7, I now have 4. If possible, however, shut down VMs, just to be on the safe side. I need to either figure it out soon or just make one large LUN and install all my VM’s on it, because people are anxious and waiting for me to get it set up: Please fill out the form below to request a quote from all of the available quantities of this item or select specific products to quote.

The dell kd qlogic qle hba is a singleported host bus adapter created for enterprise. As you can see, other users also have the same issue Eric. Do you see the exact same errors when you add or remove LUNs or only when you remove?

B If that does not help, I will try installing XenServer 4, see what happens. OK, i will try to give them some basic info tomorrow and see what they say. Invite Suppliers to Bid for this product Didn’t find what you were looking to buy? I re-booted the server again. I’ll do it with all wires connected. I don’t know if this matters or not.


HP AEA Fcsr 4gb Pci-e Hba – SMART IT Hardware and Services

These alerts come practically simultaneously. The hardware support team doesn’t know much about configuration problems, but he said it seems to him that the problem lies with the HBA configuration.

For details please see this KB article. What can I do to resolve this? No HBAs, no multipathing. In your case, as long as you do not detach the SR, the VMs will keep going.

Posted December 29, I have had a very quick look in the log files for now – will check more and one thing is quite interesting – in multipath-ll. This is just a theory at this stage, however one thing we can try is to:

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