IBM ThinkPad keyboards are sealed and sit inside of a tray so that spills do not get to the electronics underneath. The laptop’s gigabit Ethernet port was used, however, it appears that the CentOS 6 kernel also supports the ipwbased wifi card; as such, a Net Install over wifi is possible. This helped me too. In addition, the kernel occasionally panics on shutdown; once it panicked after plugging in the power cord while running on battery power. I can say the same for just about every other laptop I use though. As for the performance on the flight sim, you could check to see if there is an update for it.

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First of all, I have no idea what kind of graphics card I have. I had the screen brightness just grpahics half 4 bars out of 7 and wi-fi was on. Combining high-speed performance with robust graphics capability, the T43 is available with Intel Graphics Media Acceleratormaking it the first model of the T series to include an integrated graphics solution.

Public networks currently limit maximum download speeds to about 53 Kbps. ThinkVantage System Update 5. Also, consider the fact that when you do use a very secure password, our feeble human mind is much more likely to forget that password.

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T43 Graphics Card Questions – Thinkpads Forum

Their support department is in Atlanta, Georgia. Just hold down the scroll button and push the pointing stick up or down to scroll to where you want on a page. In fact, there is a just slightly less than. Each keyboard key is firm and has excellent travel, and each key feels individual.

Hard drive firmware update Bootable diskettes – ThinkPad General Scheduler patch to fix the tvtsched. 4t3 have not run any benchmarks on this laptop yet but will do so for the upcoming full review.

Hi, I’ve got a problem with my t43 Client Security Solution v7.

Visit our network of sites: Install the kmod-fglrx93 package from ELRepo. If you want to play games, buy a notebook with a discrete graphics card next time.

Building on trends in biometric adoption, identity verification costs and government compliance, IBM today announced the ThinkPad X41 ultraportable notebook — its lightest and smallest ThinkPad with a built-in fingerprint The Super Pi program simply forces the processor to calculate Pi to a selected number of digits of accuracy.

Welcome to the forum! The pointing stick makes it really easy to get the cursor inteel you want it to go on the screen.

Lenovo Thinkpad T43

This test was performed without independent verification by the VeriTest testing division of Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. The fingerprint reader is now available on the Ironically, Dell made the for all of six months before ending its production.


The laptop’s gigabit Ethernet port was used, however, it appears that the CentOS 6 kernel also supports the ipwbased wifi card; as such, a Net Install over wifi is possible. But from there I’m simply confused.

With the integrated fingerprint reader, users encrypt untel using fingerprint authentication, combining convenience with strong notebook security. The parallel port is a legacy port hangover and is completely unnecessary for the consumer, but there are some corporate customers that still need this.

This happens with the integrated Intel GM card.

New IBM ThinkPad T43 notebooks with the new Intel Graphics Media Accelerator

According to Big Blue, the fingerprint reader provides f43 convenient means for unique user identification to a Windows system and eliminates the need for users to remember multiple passwords. This machine is simply solid.

In which case, what are my options for replacing it or adding to it and how difficult would it be? Cheers, George In daily use: ThinkVantage System Migration Assistant v5.

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