I think I have to break the Raid yet again. Sorry to hi-jack this thread but looking at this, I realized that I am going to need some help: Stop when you get reasonably good figures. You could follow up on that further in that thread or in the linked StorageReview thread or get a motherboard with an Intel RAID chipset. Enable write-back caching on the array.

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I am really stuck and have spent at least 30 hours trying to work on this and have rebuilt the ICH9R drives many many times. Also, the strip size is the default size by ICH9R – I am now getting somewhere. Jch8do the discussion, tweaks, measurements, experience and knowledge applicable to Intel RAID do not apply to you.

I also HD Tune 2. Multitasking capacity and memory management are built in, along with excellent video and audio performance. I really appreciate all your help. Should I try 4 then 3 drives?

Re: Intel Software RAID and dmraid problem

It finally started working at speeds like others have shown. I then tested the stand alone drive and it was pretty fast also. Should I try it as a Raid 0 also? These are completely different.


If those are your benchies then the read speeds are okay. Ich8doo have told me to go the MB manufacturer Gigabyte. These aren’t that far off considering how different the tests are.

Should I use a separate program and if so, which one? Enable write-back caching, as shown here: I have completed a number of tests: Either way is it a good idea to do it once I get this working right?

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Ava Risk Group Limited, a market leader in the provision I’m not sure what the problem is that but can we see some benchmarks please? Sorry to hi-jack this thread but looking at this, I realized that I am going to need some help: Also I am wondering why the Windows Vista copy is so so slow compared to the high speed results I jch8do getting.

Timing the write would give you the write speed, and checking the data the read speed. The write speeds on the first two are a bit raod. I realized that my HDTune graph is sooooo wavy due to the write speeds correct? Cloud adoption is in full swing, with the latest IDG I upgraded the Intel Raid Raix driver from v2.


GAQM-DS2 (rev. ) | Mainboards – GIGABYTE Germany

The ICH9R has writebackcache enabled and the clip is removed for the Which one do I use? The first test I will run will be to upgrade to v 2. Here are some of the results: You’re right to look at actual application performance for doing the final bits of tuning.

Johnson Controls has partnered with Civic Technologies, The AIMB implements trusted platform module support; Advantech provides an optional TPM chip that can be plugged in to the board for the added security of boot drive encryption, key and password storage, digital authentication, ivh8do hardened file protection.

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