Any external headphone amp has to be able to do a better job than the headphone jacks fitted to source components or amplifiers, especially the basic afterthoughts fitted to most hi-fi gear. Yes, my password is: All in all, these are solid, high-value products from Firestone Audio. Still, in terms of my memory at least, the iCute seems a little warmer and darker than I recall the Red being, which I recall as being a little brighter and lighter in terms of sound. Post 4 of

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I currently have two Cute Beyonds, though, since I don’t have two heads, one is on Ebay. Compared souns my more expensive SS amps, it lacks transparency, has a narrower soundstage, and is somewhat less neutral. Apr 23, at 6: The CB adds a dose of control and smoothness to the equation without cutting back on the detail at all. There’ll be no next step after the Little Dot though, unless it’s a sideways step to tubes, which I dislike on grounds of practicality they’re too vulnerable and heat up the room in Summer.

China Icute Portable Speaker for iPhone with Sound – China Portable Speaker, Icute Portalbe Speaker

Aug 19, at 1: Soind the wall wart is relatively small, which again helps in the hide-away process. Your email address will not be published. Dismiss Notice We are currently updating the search index, and it will be temporarily unavailable for a couple of hours while icutf is in process.


As a previous owner of the Cute I agree regarding the neutrality, soundstage and transparency issues. I have since sold it, so I cannot do any direct comparisons.

REVIEW: Firestone Audio iCute Headphone Amplifier and Fubar III USB DAC/Headphone Amplifier

Apr 23, at 9: I also use the supplier but did not notice a huge difference without it, but that was a couple of years ago and I think my ears are better now. There are some components that have decent or even very good headphone stages fitted, but they tend to be few and far between. Here it was just right, with open and enticing sonics, good dynamics and a lot of weight and impact.

Right – looking at the front panel is what made me assume it was “iCute”. However, it outperformed the portable amps I had on hand, although not by a super-wide margin — but I have only the truly excellent 2Move and iQube to compare it to, both of which cost more than the iCute! And that is how I would characterize iucte of these devices — they offer very good performance for the money.

I have a Cute Beyond which I really love. Still, in terms of my memory at least, the iCute seems a little warmer and darker than I recall the Red being, which I recall as being a little brighter and lighter in terms of sound.

I enjoyed the iCute with all of the headphones I tried it with. Is the Fubar’s analog out volume controlled? You must log in or sign up to reply here.


I would add however, that the Supplier Power Supply really brings this ixute to life and makes it sound much more neutral with better bass resolution, less lower midrange cloudiness and a more cohesive soundstage. Post 4 of By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

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Post 8 of And it means that one can really improve the sound down the track without having to replace the original equipment. Can anyone compare the two?

The Fubar III is a little harder for me to be enthusiastic about as a headphone amp. Then again, the “amp with a wall wart” approach is seemingly popular with the lower priced and low-middle range amps icuhe as these, Xcan, etc.

Icute Portable Speaker for iPhone with Sound

Skylab, is it a Cute Beyond you tested? Post 3 of Discussion in ‘ Headphone Amps full-size ‘ started by skylabApr 22, I owned a Fubar II a year or so ago, and liked it. Apr 23, at 2:

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