I seem to have copied files onto it quite easily from the computer but when I unplug it from the computer it just flashes through colours and doesn’t show the menu. If you have time a step by step noddy guide would be appreciated. IItronics IMP MP3 Player its pretty crap if u gotta remove the battery every time u used it, gettin about 3hours if i dont and not to impressed about it, also sound is a bit dirty, not as good as my sons, it may have to go!!! No offence, Dave but were the instructions somehow more detailed with the larger memory machine? Des on December 28, The device offers excellent sound and the extra bass doesn’t really hurt the life span that much.

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All I can suggest is that as Paul said before being shot down you read the manual or quick start guide before using it, don’t use protected MP3s and make sure that you put things in the root directory.

On the left side, under “File and Folder Tasks” click on “Make a new folder” An icon with a new folder appears with a blank tab for you to type in the name of it. Volume and input buttons acting up. I have deleted folders and created new ones with no problem. On left of screen look for window that says “File and Folder Tasks”.


Inovix Itronics IMP11 2GB Flash MP3 Player | Product overview | What Hi-Fi?

I took it back to argos and they gave me another one with buttons that do work The acronym RTFM is popular for a reason – no-one ever reads the instructions for things before starting to whine. IItronics IMP MP3 Player hi i got the imp for xmasi have tried for days now, to work out how to getmusic from my cds to the player but i just cant do it.

I have had no problems with the player on any of these platform. Nick,Can you talk me through. The Imp 1 GB mp3 player is. Anyway, thanks for the info Nick! I checked the remaining memory and it says i have mb left! Geronimo on January 4, HELP would be much appreciated- am sorta at the end of my tether with it!!!!

On the tree, as the computer recognises your MP3 player, it will do a “dong ding” and a new bit will appear on the tree: The files seemed to download fine and are visible in the folders but when i come to play them it says unknown format.

However, the mp3 only recognizes the songs on Drive E and not Drive F. If you want to keep tracks in their own folder eg album nameyou have to put the folder onto the iMP’s drive alongside, not in, the ‘Music’ folder.

Trudy on December 27, Stick CD you want to copy into the CD drive. Good iitronis to everyone, hope you all get your problems sorted out! John on January 4, IItronics IMP MP3 Player Hi, a few people have mentioned the problem about the mp3 player only showing 99 songs when there are or so actually on it.


IItronics Mp3 player, trouble with folders

Des on December 28, Jo on January 3, Recent comments OK, Well an old topic but. But just wont let me put anymore songs on there. Please can somebody help me? There is no way, to my knowledge, to reverse the new messed up firmware upgrade, so my question is, HELP! Folders in your MP3 are now shown on the list.

Ensure your computers drivers esp. You could always buy rechargable batteries and a charger for them.

Hi folks, after scouring the. Your MP3 can only cope with lots of individual tracks copying onto it. IItronics IMP MP3 Player have put on songs but it only reads 99 on iitronics 1gb imp11 player,how do i find and play other songs. Tried downloading songs onto it – took 3 songs and said the memory was full.

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